Steel buildings have become the top choice among many residential and industrial builders. According to a recent study, over 94% of new industries, residential buildings, workshops, sheds, and garages are made of steel.

Steel buildings have many benefits ranging from easy construction and sustainable standards.

5 Reasons Why Residential Steel Buildings Are Booming - steel, house, home

Here are top 5 reasons why residential steel buildings are booming;

1.They are Durable, Attractive, and Versatile

Generally, steel is precise and pliable. Therefore, it can be engineered into your favorite color, shape, design, and texture. With steel, you can always have your dream residential house.

Steel spans over long distances without requiring pillar and walls in the middle of the rooms. This makes your building spacious and attractive.

Steel residential buildings can serve you for a lifetime because termites, sun, and water cannot destroy them. It is due to it is longevity futures that metal providers over up to 20-year warranty.

2.They are Safe

Steel residential buildings can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe in cases of accidents and natural disasters.

Steel has been thoroughly tested and studied on their response to fire. Steel manufacturers are committed to improving steel fire safety specifications during production.

Earthquakes and disasters are unpredictable. Steel buildings are the best choice because they bend and flex under pressure instead of breaking and crumbling.

Steel buildings are designed to withstand both perpendicular and horizontal forces. These buildings are safer in earthquake situations compared to other types of buildings.

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3.They are Environmentally Sustainable

Unlike wood and concrete buildings, steel buildings can be recycled, dismantled, reused, and moved. These buildings don’t require extensive foundations and are lighter, thus reducing their impact on the environment.

Steel metals are heat resistant and energy-efficient. Modern steel buildings use double walls to retain warmth when the temperatures outside fall.

Steel can be recycled endlessly without losing its value. The remnants of steel buildings can be melted in the factory to manufacture new steel. More than 30% of new steel is recycled.

Building with steel reduces dependence on natural resources. In other words, the use of steel protects the planet.

4.They are Cost Saving

Steel residential buildings can save your money in many ways. Steel building materials are pre-manufactured in a way to reduce the labor required on the construction site. These buildings take a short time to be completed than other buildings and require several workers to assemble.

When it is time to move, you can easily disassemble them and move them to your new destination.

Being made of hard metal, residential steel buildings provide a safe place to store your valuable goods and objects.

Steel buildings have a big inside space. Steel bars can stretch longer than concrete and wood, leaving you with a lot of space that could otherwise be occupied by pillars.

Moreover, steel buildings are durable and require minimum repairs, reducing your maintenance cost.

5.Adaptable and accessible

In today’s world, the function of your entire residential building of a few rooms can change with time. For instance, you may want to increase the size of your living room at a given time. Or rather, you may want to convert your entire building into a hall.

This is possible if your house is made of metal. You can do this using composite beams, cover plates, and girders on the existing floor slab.

Steel residential buildings allow easy access to communication system cables, network cables, and electrical wiring whenever you want to alter them.