For many homeowners, landscaping is considered a chore more than a welcome responsibility. But in reality, it’s one of the more important elements of your property. If you aren’t giving your property the attention it deserves, you should reconsider.

5 Reasons Landscaping Matters to Your Home - outdoors, landscaping, home, frontyard, backyard

5 Reasons Landscaping is Important

We all have that one homeowner in our neighborhood who takes pride in his lawn. And while you don’t have to go as far as that guy, you should realize that he’s onto something. Landscaping is an important aspect of homeownership. Here’s why:

2.Property Value

“Landscaping your property is one of the better investments you can make for the value of your home,” SF Gate explains. “Much of the cost of an attractively landscaped site can be recovered at the time of sale. Even modest landscaping creates a favorable first impression, performing a significant role in curb appeal.”

Good landscaping does a few different things for your home’s value. First off, it sets the first impression for potential buyers and people passing by. More practically, however, it extends the home into the outdoors. Driveways, decks, patios, walkways, and grassy areas are all extensions of living space and can add tangible value to a home.

2.Home Comfort

The landscaping on your property can actually have a significant influence on the comfort level you experience inside of your home. This is especially true during months with extremely high or low temperatures.

“Trees are nature’s way of regulating the temperature near your home,” McCombs Supply Co. Inc. says. “A leafy shade tree near your home will block lots of direct sunlight from entering through your windows. Trees will also cool your home significantly reducing your need for air conditioning or reducing its use. In the winter, trees can have the opposite positive effect. As the weather gets cooler, they’ll slowly begin to lose their leaves, and as a result, they’ll allow sunlight light to enter your home creating warmth during the colder months.”


If you’re looking for privacy, landscaping can help you achieve a greater sense of solace and security. Certain features like walls, gates, and privacy shrubs can keep people away from your home. You can also plant trees and shrubs, install trellises or ivy-covered pergolas, and strategically place gazebos and patios to conceal areas of the home that you’d prefer to be more private.


“Rainfall or water from irrigation systems travels down hills and slopes and begins carving gullies, washing away topsoil, uprooting plants and trees, and transporting fertilizers and pesticides downstream that eventually enter our water supply,” gardener Kier Holmes writes. And if you want to control or stop erosion, landscaping is your best method for doing so.

With retaining walls, certain plants, ground coverings, and drains, you can reduce, control, and redirect the flow of water so that your home and property is protected from damage. (This also enhances your home’s value and reduces the risk of foundation problems that result from groundwater being too close to your home’s perimeter.)


Finally, good landscaping gives you a sense of pride about your property. When people walk by, you see them take notice of your hard work. This can give you a sense of accomplishment that isn’t possible when your lawn is filled with weeds and other unsightly elements.

Putting it All Together

Don’t neglect your home’s landscaping any longer. While it requires constant upkeep and care, that’s part of your responsibility as a homeowner. Hopefully this article has provided you with some encouragement and motivation regarding why landscaping matters and how you can give it the attention it deserves.