We’ve all experienced it before in one capacity or another; that situation where you are seeing into the private life of your neighbors by accident – or they are seeing into yours! We all love natural light and fresh air, but unfortunately for most of us, this also invites prying eyes into our private element. So you’re not caught cooking breakfast in your undies, we’ve amassed the 6 best privacy options that can let the light in and keep the wandering eyes out.


Blinds are a timeless, stylish option available for almost any living situation. If you don’t want to go down the curtain route, there are many sheer blinds in Sydney that are available; not only do they let in ample light, but they also shield you from passersby. Alternatively, if you require greater privacy at night, there are options for blinds with alternating strips of sheer and blackout fabric – essentially offering two blinds in one.

5 Privacy Options That Don't Compromise on Style -

Laser-cut screens

Often used in outdoor areas such as gardens, backyards and pools, laser-cut screens are an elegant and contemporary solution to privacy for the outdoors. These screens let both the light from outdoors in as well as the colours and textures from the outside world, which limits that feelings of claustrophobia and separation from the environment. You can also get laser-cut screens in beautiful patterns, transforming them into a feature of your space, as well as them being a functional element.

Frosted glass

There are many reasons that frosted glass has stood the test of time as a stylish and practical means of instilling privacy. For something different, try installing panels at an angle. This still provides enough privacy to feel comfortable in your own home, but also lets in more light than would a full wall of frosted glass.

Sheer curtains

Of course, curtains have long been the traditional means of gaining privacy in dwellings. If you are opting to use curtains, think about adding a sheer layer underneath, as this will give you far greater privacy options. A sheer layer of curtain will allow you to change your privacy requirements when necessary – you can use the sheer during the day and the heavier option at night.

Permanently angled slats

These are a great option for rooms that need a fair amount of light – whether that be indoors or outdoors. Permanently angled slats also work to shield your home from any nearby buildings, whilst adding interest and beauty to the space. However, the downside of this option is that they are, in fact, fixed, so you have to be sure you’re happy with the amount of light and air they let through before installing them.

Slatted moveable panels

A more contemporary option, slatted external privacy screens allow upstairs rooms to be totally shielded from view while still letting in ample light through the slats. The moveable panels not only slide but offer the flexibility of opening out to let in more fresh air and sunshine if and when desired.

For any homeowners or renters, a light and bright room can quickly turn dark and claustrophobic if you need to permanently keeps your curtains drawn. If you seem to be facing a similar dilemma, keep these 6 privacy options close to your chest so you can elude seclusion and style at the same time.