Are you interested in creating a beautiful outdoor dining area, either in your back or front yard? Whether you live in the city or the country, here are several ideas that will make you smile.

1.Set up an outdoor kitchen

The only thing equal to dining outside is cooking outside. To create a full outdoor dining experience, consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard with a barbecue or range, an ice maker, and some useful storage space.

Modular outdoor kitchens are the easiest route to go, including for affordability. Instead of hiring a contractor to come in and build your kitchen from scratch, you can get pre-built modular sections and construct your ideal setup piece-by-piece.

If you order several pieces now and realize you’d like more later, you can add to and rearrange your kitchen setup anytime.

2.Create a covered dining area

If you live in an area that gets significant or frequent rain, wind, or cool weather, you’ll enjoy having a covered dining area. However, you don’t need to block everything in with four solid walls. You can build a structure with two or three walls, and they don’t even need to be solid.

A gazebo is a great way to create an enclosed dining area, as long as it’s sturdy enough to withstand the elements. If your area experiences strong winds, for example, you’ll need to cement your gazebo into the ground rather than rely on stakes or sandbags.

A covered dining area will create a semi-private space in your backyard that you can also decorate to create your desired ambiance. You can hang art and other types of decor on the walls, and use string lights to create a powerful nighttime visual.

If it gets cold, a few propane-powered patio heaters will help you keep the space toasty enough to stay outside, provided it’s not absolutely freezing. Another option is the kind of electric infrared heaters that many restaurants use for their guests.

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3.Get a fire pit table

Fire pit tables combine a fire pit and a dining table in one. While the flames are contained in the center of the table, there’s enough room around the outside for people to eat.

Traditional fire pit tables are round or shaped like an octagon, but square tables are starting to become more popular. Square fire pit tables have more of a modern look and are actually quite elegant. Check out these photos on Pinterest for an idea of what designs are possible.

You can get a fire pit table made of stone, wood, cast iron, or several other materials. The key is to find one that is tall enough for people to be comfortable while eating. You have to consider chair height and table height.

If you’re just going for something casual and you won’t be serving full meals, your table can be a little low. However, if your aim is to serve and enjoy full meals, get a fire pit table high enough to serve as a real dining table.

4.Go natural and use trees for décor

When you love the outdoors, nothing makes a better outdoor dining experience than incorporating trees into your décor. For some people, this means decorating with pictures of trees and other miniature tree-shaped décor items. For others, it means literally using trees for décor.

For example, the first outdoor dining idea on this Decoholic blog incorporated a real tree into the entire dining area’s design. It also uses large, polished tree stumps for seating.

Other ideas on the same blog post use carved out logs for benches and chunky tables made from cut logs with chunky tree stumps for support. Although it’s not pictured in the blog, carved tables are also great for creating a natural outdoor dining atmosphere.

5.Install surround sound

Having an outdoor surround sound system will make your outdoor dining experiences amazing. Music really sets the mood for a good meal, and with a surround sound system you can create dozens of playlists for any occasion.

You’ll love your outdoor dining setup

There’s something special about being outside while enjoying a meal with friends and family. Dining outside is even enjoyable alone on a quiet day.

The design possibilities are endless. Whether you get an outdoor kitchen, craft a unique dining area, or upgrade your patio table and chairs, you’ll love your new outdoor dining experience.