Most homeowners want to squeeze in quality time outdoors on cooler days and nights during summer, spring and autumn. However for restaurant owners, electric heaters can attract a lot of opportunities by giving them the option of dining outdoors whatever the weather, allowing them to not only take advantage of bringing out more tables, but allowing guests to stay out on patio areas for a longer time, enabling them to order more and stay a while longer.

The heating market provides great innovations

Growth in the electric heating market has drastically grown in the last decade and industry professionals foresee a great increase in popularity of electric heaters in the future. However, the big issue for consumers is not knowing what to look for when shopping for electric heaters. To help you with your search, read on to find out the best suggestions to take into account when choosing electric heaters for your restaurant.

Reflector size

Check on the diameter of the reflector, it is also known as a dispenser- a very large circular disc that is mushroom-like; it is located just above the heater. Its main function is to distribute heat to the surrounding region of up to12-foot diameter in circle.

Generally, small diameter reflectors produce infrared heat, only to a small circumference and also waste a lot of heat. Larger diameter reflectors produce heat to wider areas and can provide ambient heat to people that surround the area. There are brands that sell square-shaped reflectors but it’s wise to be careful -they might look stylish but they are not as effective!pic-heater8

Heater weight

Weight is an essential component of quality. A heavier electric heater is preferred to lightweight unit because they are stronger. Decent heaters are as heavy as 120 lbs. without the tank. An advantage of a heavier heater is that it will not be as prone to destruction as lightweight heaters. Also, if your restaurant is situated in a place that gets pretty cold or windy in the winter, then you’re likely to have less trouble with a heavier heater.

Heater construction

Ask yourself the following question, what material is the heater made of? For a good and strong base, stainless steel is recommended. Do not go for stainless steel that sells at less than $200, as this will be a lighter, more flimsy material. Such heaters are normally flimsy and are prone to corrosion and rust under adverse weather conditions. Therefore, the material of the electric heater is imperative. Consider purchasing a heavier gauge steel heater, as even if it rusts you can always repaint it

Heater (burner)

Make sure you’re aware of the material that the head of the heater is made of. Most electric heaters use a drum-style head by design. However it is not efficient at reflecting heat to zonal areas, and in the restaurant business, this is key.

Ignition control

How is the electric heater ignited? Most companies use a red-push button igniter. Make sure that the igniter button is properly working and that it turns the user knob to pilot and pushes the button to ignite the flame. Your supplier should be able to give you a demonstration of how your heater works.


This is actually a good way of measuring quality! It says a lot about the confidence that the manufacturer towards his own products. Some manufacturers offer warranty of as little as 90 days, although most of them offer a 1-year warranty.

The best we have seen so far is a five-year warranty-, which precisely says a lot not about the quality but also dependability.

In summary, make sure that you consider the above points, browse the wide range of electric heaters at Thermofilm and ensure to keep your diners comfortable outside!