Are you interested in building a modern home in Delaware? Then you’ve come to the right place. Designing your dream home in this area can be an exciting task but only if done right.

Rather than relying solely on the building contractor or architect’s suggestions, it’s advisable to at least have an idea of a few modern designs. Only then can you make an informed decision of the plan to go with and stay true to your taste and preferences & will also suit the characteristics of the area.

5 Modern House Plans Worth Considering - outdoor, open layout, monochromatic, modern, living space, house plan, glass, color scheme

We’ve decided to outline the five most popular modern house plans that are widely sought after by many Delaware homeowners. All you have to do is pick the plan that appeals to you.

Glass and More Glass

Are you a fan of glass? Many modern homes feature a large expanse of glass. Whether it’s in the conventional window form or a classy sliding glass door, your options are endless.

Glass doors and windows aren’t only sought after for their functional element and captivating aesthetics. They allow more natural light into a room and allow for a better view of your outdoor areas.

Still on the subject of natural light, glass also aids in energy efficiency. Because you have more natural light entering the room, you’ll need less electricity for lighting.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

When designing a modern house, the color scheme you pick matters. Monochromatic colors are the epitome of luxury and elegance. Not only do such color schemes present a clean and tidy appearance, but they form a sharp contrast to traditional design elements such as brick walls.

Open Layout

Open floor plans are fast becoming a key characteristic in modern homes. As opposed to living spaces that are divided by interior walls reminiscent of traditional designs, opt for a spacious interior that connects with other areas. Get rid of the hallways that make a room appear small and confined.

An open floor plan will combine your living and dining rooms into an area that still gives a clear view of your kitchen.

Rich Outdoor Living Space

Emphasis is put on the exterior as much as the interior space of your home. Here you design a rich outdoor living space that’ll make your guests green with envy. Designing an alfresco area outside your home will instantly give your home that modern look.

Use a combination of materials and finishes to transform your outdoor space into a modern haven of rest and relaxation. You can decide to place a white canvas awning above the warmer tones of a timber deck. Alternatively, you can opt for a cedar pergola over a granite tiled floor.

Final Words

We have no doubt you’re ready to start redesigning your home. Whichever plan you decide on, make sure you pick knowledgeable Delaware new home builders that have been designing homes for years. An expert’s level of experience will determine the practical and aesthetic value you get from your new home.

Incorporate the above-mentioned tips and we promise you won’t be disappointed with the end result.