Are you looking to wow your guests or just free up more living space? Are you finally getting around to transforming your basement or has spring cleaning given you remodeling ideas? Either way, home organization is in the back of everyone’s minds, and while you can do a lot for your home, there are certain aspects that depend on the city you live in. Recently, RentCafe carried out a study with the aim of identifying the best U.S. cities for home organizing potential, by analyzing almost 300 urban centers across the country and ranking them according to an array of factors.

Residents of Scottsdale, AZ, Raleigh, NC, Spokane, WA, along with people from Salt Lake City, UT, Reno, NV, Orlando, FL and Atlanta, GA, are home organization pioneers and that is thanks to an ideal combination of home sizes, incomes, self storage, home improvement potential and so on. Let’s see what these cities are doing right and analyze a few aspects that you need to consider in your home organizing efforts, according to your budget.

5 Home Organization Tips from the Most Well-Organized Cities - tips, self storage, Organization, oganizers, home

Home organization on a tight budget

1.DIY home improvement hacks

While it is definitely important to have the financial means to support your home organizing endeavor, RentCafe’s ranking makes it pretty clear that high incomes are not everything that matters. In other words, you can have an organized home, even if money is a bit tight, and a good place to start is looking up home improvement DIY hacks. There are so many websites and platforms meant for DIYers and you can take full advantage of tips and tricks coming from professionals or like-minded people.

If you feel like your home could use a breath of fresh air and you’re willing to do some work yourself, you’ll only need a few tools, competent know-how that you can pick up online and inspiration to revamp and revitalize your living space. You’ll find it’s not that hard to turn your Pinterest-inspired ideas into reality, you’ll take up a fun hobby and you could also end up saving an important amount of money.

2.Self storage

Seasonal items, bulky belongings, old furniture and hobby gear can all take up considerable room in your home. Renting a self storage unit is a great solution for these situations, as having more storage away from home will free up living space and enable you to better organize your residence. Self storage is usually regarded as an inexpensive investment, and many of the best cities in the U.S. in terms of home organization all have affordable self storage prices. A standard 10’x10’ unit costs only $95 in Raleigh, NC, for example, and $120 in Spokane, WA, and in Orlando, FL. Moreover, there are many cities that provide their residents with over 20 square feet of available self storage per capita, according to the study, and these include Orlando, West Palm Beach, Columbia, Knoxville, Las Vegas and Miami.

If you can spare a little more, these tips are for you

3.Pro organizers

Professional organizers might not provide you with the cheapest services on the market, but they can truly work wonders. They will help you eliminate clutter from your home, and they can come up with smart, out-of-the-box storage solutions that you won’t be able to think of otherwise. Several professional organizers offer a vast array of services, so you can rely on them for everything from clothes and bathroom supplies to appliances, paper management and overall design and efficiency. Look for professional organizers nearby and give it a shot. Picking the right professional and entrusting them with your precious home will revitalize your living space and will get you a neat and organized place.

4.Bigger home, more space

This is far from an unconventional tip or hack, but it is something that people tend to overlook or put off until the very last moment. Especially when a new family member shows up and you have to share your living space, things can easily get crowded and out of control. The same can happen if your place is simply too small for your needs, so you could consider investing in a bigger place. Many cities provide residents with larger homes towards the suburbs, and this might suit your lifestyle. Plus, you will never have to worry about space management again. If you do want to cut costs and are willing to put in some extra work, consider buying and transforming a fixer-upper.

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for genuine interest and passion

5.Resourcefulness is vital, organizing is a lifestyle

What many of the nation’s most well-organized cities show, ultimately, is that people’s commitment to home improvement is crucial and that a genuine passion for organization will get you there. There are always local home improvement stores that you can visit, there are numerous organizing blogs and online resources where you can talk to like-minded people to find support and inspiration. Creativity is always boosted when there’s a true community behind it. Many say that home organizing is a lifestyle and the truth is that it needs to be a constant preoccupation if you are to turn your house into that perfect home you’ve been dreaming of.

Yes, the city you live in has a say in how easily you can organize your home, but you can also have an important say, you can drive the trend and achieve your goals, making your place more livable, spacious and attractive.