Do you have to commute every day to the office? Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint this year and help the environment? More people are becoming conscious of their actions and taking steps to go green. In particular, commuting to the office every day by car is said to be one of the things people are trying to change. Indeed, it can cause a lot of pollution and this can hugely affect cities and towns.


So, if you think it is time to ditch the car and go green, there are several ways you can do this. Let’s take by taking a look at five ways you can travel to the office and reduce your carbon footprint.

Put On Your Walking Shoes

First of all, one of the best ways to go green is by walking to work. Not only is this going to help the environment, but it is also going to be healthy for you. You can get fit during the daily commute and feel good when you get there. Of course, this option is only going to be possible if you work near your home. But, it can be enjoyable if you like to listen to music or a podcast on the way to work.

However, it might not be possible to walk every day. For example, when the weather is not good, you might have to drive. But, even if you can swap some days for walking this is going to lower your carbon footprint.

Get An Electric Bike

Your next option is to start cycling to and from the office. This is a good way to get fit, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy some fresh air every day. But, we know that if you are not used to doing this, you might not be excited about the challenge.

Well, this is where an electric bike from Eco Bike Co comes in. The motor is going to allow you to go faster on the roads and without having to use a lot of physical power. You can check them out here and see the electric bikes they offer. Riding an electric bike means you do not have to worry about petrol. Plus, it is a lot more affordable than purchasing an electric car right now. So, you can still hit the road to travel to the office. But, you can do it in a greener way.

Take the Train

An option you have when it comes to public transport is to get on a train. This is going to be a greener way to travel to work if you are near a train line and it can take the stress out of driving on busy roads. A train can be costly. But, you can invest in a railcard in order to save some money. It can also be a quick way to travel.

However, if you do live near a train line or there is not one that is going to take you to the office, this option is going to be out. Thankfully there are other options on this list that you can explore to lower your carbon footprint.

Try Carpooling

Have you heard of carpooling before? This is something that has become popular with colleagues. In other words, they choose to carpool together to work, which means only taking one car and they are able to split the petrol. Not only does not reduce pollution by riding together, but it can also be a good way to save money.

Of course, carpooling is only going to work if you get along with your colleagues. In addition, you have to be living near each other in order to get there. But, if you can make it work, it can be a fun way to get to and from work and make the commute more interesting.

Go on the Bus

Last but not least, you can get the bus to the office. If you live near to a bus stop, there is going to be simple and you can jump on public transport to get to work. You can combine this with walking so that you can get some exercise too. Getting the bus means reducing your carbon footprint, as well as saving money. You can ditch the car and have to pay for petrol to drive every day.

There is no doubt that using public transport can help the environment and save money at the same time. But, you may have to travel at rush hour times, which means leaving early and your journey might take longer. In addition, this option is only going to work if you live near where a bus goes past.