Do you want to become a pro-at-home manicure? Here are 5 ultra-easy reflexes to adopt to achieve a nail polish or semi-permanent application that lasts long. Want a perfect manicure that doesn’t budge? Remember above all that applying your nail polish in a hurry will not be enough, but that small tips and good habits could be very useful to you. It is possible to do it quickly and efficiently, but with a little practice, the right gestures, and a minimum of preparation. Here are 5 essential steps to guarantee a beautiful manicure and long-lasting hold.


1 – Shape: the common sense of the file!

To start a manicure, you don’t just cut your nails. We take a minimum of time to file them to remove the attachment points and to give them a harmonious shape: round, oval, square, pointed… the choice is yours.
The must? A 180 grit file, that is to say moderately rough, which is passed on both sides of the nail, then on the top, in one direction only and without going back and forth to avoid duplications. Of course, we only content ourselves with the edge of the nail so as not to attack its surface.

2 – Cuticles: think round end and delicacy

Pushing back the cuticles allows a better application of the varnish by freeing the edges of the nail. But be careful, these very thin little skins that protect the root of the nails are also very fragile. It is better to arm yourself with the right tools and proceed with delicacy so as not to injure yourself and open the door to bacteria and infections. We, therefore, forget the sharp objects and we opt for the round trip of a stainless steel cuticle pusher, which we use without going back and forth so as not to scratch the nail. The square end will be more useful for corners. The extra trick to make this job easier is to soften the cuticles by massaging them just beforehand for 1 minute with a few drops of emollient., shorter than soaking in lukewarm water.

3 – Preparation: roughen and degrease before applying

For a pose that holds as much as possible, it is necessary to promote the grip of the varnish by eliminating the last defects of the nails and by degreasing them. Simple hand washing will not suffice. To do this, use a preparatory file with a very soft grain to lightly roughen the surface of the nail without going back and forth, always in the direction of the growth. Then use a little mild solvent to degrease and remove all dust.


4 – Pose: applying well is also edging

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because you put more varnish that it will hold better and longer. On the contrary! To promote the adhesion of the different layers of varnish and rapid drying, especially if you use a semi-permanent whose drying times under lamps are pre-programmed, it is better to apply thin layers. To do this, simply wring out your brush on one side, then cover the surface of the nail with the remaining material, starting in the middle before stretching to the edges. And for a perfect pose, we don’t forget to border the nail! Stopping the application at the edge of the nail increases the risk of early “chilling”: the edge of the nail is the first likely to hit. We therefore delicately pass our brush over the edge of the nail to protect them and promote the holding of our varnish.

5 – Long-lasting hold: Opt for the semi and choose the right products

Finally, even with all that, not every nail polish promises easy application, a shiny result, or a long-lasting manicure. And very often, the application defects do not come from us but the consistency of the varnish and the quality of the brushes.

For shiny, glossy colors that are easy to apply, we choose Manucurist products, the professional quality benchmark for Clean Beauty. The brand offers more than 70 shades, clean formulations, fluid textures, and sufficiently dense round brushes that perfectly match the shape of the nail and allow ‘easy’ application. And if we want it to last long, we opt for the big trend of the moment: semi-permanent varnish. Again, beware of unpleasant surprises if you use harmful and allergenic traditional semi-permanents.