These days, most homes are modern but there is no denying that there is still room for mixing and matching contemporary with traditional home furniture. One of the easiest but really cool ways to make this work is to add a few antique pieces in your home. Combining different pieces would certainly work as long as you have a bit of creativity. For those who are interested in some tips to make this combination work, here are genius ideas that can work for you:

Tip #1: Make it look as if you’ve been collecting pieces over the years

Style clichés can be a bit daunting and there can be a clash between your modern home pieces and the kind of antique set that you have in mind. To avoid this, it is way better to make it look as if you have been collecting different pieces over the years rather than setting up a room to portray a definite time in history. Using antique and vintage furniture with different designs is just the thing to do.5cf569ed1609ea6304129bbfac273197

Tip #2: Use repetition through a pattern or a common color scheme

Working with different pieces of furniture and giving them a cohesive look is not as difficult as it seems as there are several ways to pull it off.  One way to make the design work is to choose a common color scheme for the items that you will be using. This can also be done by repetition such as in the fabric’s pattern or using an accent color or a palette that can draw one’s vision to several items which are inside that room.

Tip #3: Antique and vintage finds can add depth and richness in a room with modern furniture

Finding something vintage when you are out shopping is not really that difficult and these items can look really cool when you find a good place for them inside your house. These finds can make really good accessories especially when you have sleek surfaces. An antique wheel, for instance, can be just the thing that your wall needs to break the monotony.4617735_original

Tip #4: Don’t confine furniture to one room

Specific pieces of furniture may have a definite function in a certain part of the house such as the bedroom, the living room and so on. However, it doesn’t mean that if a certain type of furniture has been in the bedroom for a decade, it is supposed to stay inside. You can actually make a huge change in the way your home looks by shuffling furniture around. You can use some antique pieces that used to be in the bedroom in the living room or even in the dining hall to give your place a whole new appearance.

Tip #5: Make the room appear bigger by using oversized antique pieces.

One of the cool things that you should know is that an oversized piece of furniture can create an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. Huge antique tables that are perfect for the dining room for instance can look really great even with the surrounding modern furniture. This fact can be really useful and you can use this to your advantage when you are trying to redecorate.

Creating a living space that is comfortable and at the same time cozy and really charming is not that difficult especially when you love mixing and matching stuff. There is no denying that antique furniture look really good and they are really sturdy. Despite the contrasts between modern furniture and antiques, finding a good place for these vintage pieces inside your home is definitely possible. A good balance between modern furniture and antique ones is definitely possible with a few clever ideas.