With the vast and beautiful coastline, Australia offers the best whale watching sites. Watching whales enjoy their natural environment is an unforgettable experience. The most popular time to watch whales occurs during the annual migration. If you travel to Queensland, New South Wales, South, and Western Australia, you can see whales display their spectacular acrobatic moves. The warm and calm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans provide a sanctuary for whales since they are away from the cold and predator waters of the Antarctic. While whale watching is interesting, there are other advantages associated with the activity. This article explores five benefits to whale watching in Australia.

5 Benefits to Whale Watching In Australia - whale, watch, stress relieve, benefits, australia

1. Stress Reliever

Watching whales make their moves in water can relieve you from stress. You can make whales move closer to you by swiftly lifting your hands. The movement attracts their attention forcing them to become curious about you. Whales will also look you in the eye as if studying you. This experience relieves you from stress since you will no longer feel lonely.

2. Documentary

Most people, especially scientists, are fascinated by whales. As a result, they are always researching their movements and characteristics. Whale watching provides a platform for researchers to film documentaries. Research helps in monitoring the whale population, behavior and life cycle. In the process, researchers may come up with a new observation that may benefit learners. Such documentaries also attract the public thus promoting the social-economy in Australia.

3. Appreciate Whales

Appreciating the whale community is more practical to the locals. Whale watching triggers the local to provide a conducive environment for these animals. Locals generate income when tourists visit the coastal regions. Watchers promote the local businesses and culture of the coastal communities. The revenue and jobs created by whale watching foster a sense of pride among the locals and the whole of Australia. In addition to generating income, whale watching has increased the awareness of whales and dolphins among tourists. Watchers end up appreciating wildlife in its natural habitat and may become environmental activists.

4. Economic Benefits

According to an article in The Australian paper, global whale watching generated about $2 billion in 2009 and could grow by 10 per cent rate annually over the next five years. In Australia alone, whale watching generated about $31 million in 2008 and attracted 1.6 million people. In the history of marine resources, whale watching is now more accessible to people than ever. The activity is an ecotourism product, and it is fast growing.

5. Family Bonding

If you are looking for an exercise that will unite your family, search no more. Whale watching is the most exciting moment that no one should miss. The entertainment and joy that it provides create a special bond will forever remain memorable.

Watching whales do the unimaginable is the best moment you will ever share with your family or friends. Plan a vacation to this whaling nation, and you will never regret your time. In Sidney, Ocean Extreme offers the most exciting and personal whale watching experience.