The biggest perk is in the job title itself – you get to play with dogs! To be more precise, you get to work with puppies, small, adorable, innocent puppies. Nothing says antistres like spending all day teaching baby dogs how to behave and how to come to your side on command.

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Still not convinced? Being a dog trainer is much more than playing with dogs all day, of course. It is a process and a full time job. But this one has special benefits. Here are some of them!

Working Outside

Most of the time, your job is to run with dogs in a big yard teaching them commands. So that means a lot of fresh air, sun and nature around you. Not a bad office to have, wouldn’t you agree? This is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health, especially given the turmoil we live in today.

Being Active on Daily Basis

This working arrangement requires you to run, jump, and roll on the ground. No, wait, that is what dogs do… Well, you do get to run a lot, and be on your feet while thinking on your feet, as well. It activates both your brain and the body making this one of those jobs that benefits physical health, mental health and mood in general. So, spending time outdoors, physical activities, a lot of cuddling and laughing – these factors make dog training a very dynamic profession.

Being Your Own Boss

As a professional dog trainer you can set up your own business and make the rules yourself. Working hours, the program, how many clients you can work with, and what is as important (if not more), what kind of clients you work with. It’s all up to you to decide how your work day looks like.

Additionally, you can specialize in a specific dog breed, or just go all in! There are so many options for your business model that allow you to create your dream job from scratch so why not take the opportunity! If you are still having second thoughts, all you have to do is read our list once again, and imagine yourself out there with one of your “clients”, and if you can visualise yourself doing this then you are ready to become a dog trainer.

Sense of Self-Fulfillment

Working as a dog trainer allows you to work with one of the most beautiful creatures and most loyal beings in the world, and what is more enjoyable is when you get a small puppy and you get to see it grow and learn alongside you day by day. You get to see your applied knowledge get a pup from a little crazy baby to a full grown dog trained to obey commands and their masters. You get to see results directly, see happy owners be thankful, and create a sense of self-fulfillment which is one of the most important aspects of any profession for long-term satisfaction.

Once Again

Now you saw some of the benefits of becoming a dog trainer. But we have to go back to the beginning, because this is a very important one – you get to work with puppies all day long. Dogs are a man’s best friend, loyal, proven to help with mental health problems, they bring joy, laughter, are amazing playmates, and very grateful to work with.

What do you think? Can you see yourself as a trainer? Let us know how you feel about being surrounded by dogs in the comment section below!