Your garage is one of the most important parts of your home. Whether you use it for storage, car parking, or for your DIY woodworking projects, the garage should always be safe, secure, and convenient. It should always be in top shape to keep burglars as well as the elements away. But all too often, most people fail to pay enough attention to their garage doors, which is the first line of defense when it comes to garage safety and security. While some garage door issues and faults may require the intervention of an expert technician, there are some repairs that you can do by yourself. Additionally, proper maintenance is always key to preventing such problems in the first place. Well, without going in circles any further, here are 4 tips for repairing your garage door.

4 Tips to Repairing Your Garage Door - sagging, repairman, prblem, locks faulty, garage, frozen, door

1. Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Especially when there’s an abrupt power outage when your garage door is closed, it may fail to open. Before freaking out and calling your technician, there’s one thing you can try to repair your door. Simply check the door’s guide track and locate a hanging cord with a red handle. The garage door opener relies on this cord to open. Simply pull this cord to perform a manual override to get yourself into or out of your garage.

2. Your Garage Door is Frozen

Freezing is another common problem that garage owners have to deal with during the cold season. When it freezes, your garage door may become stiff and lose the power to open. Simply adjusting the pressure settings can get your garage door operating smoothly again.

3. Your Garage Door is Sagging

With time, older garage doors tend to sag, especially the wooden ones. This can affect the smooth running of the garage door, possibly ruining the opener’s smooth functioning.  You can straighten up a sagging door by squaring it up using the tension rods at the back of the door.

4. Your Garage Door Locks Seem Faulty

Another common problem with garage doors occurs at the locks, which are mostly located along the center of the door. When the locks shift in position, the smooth operation of the door, especially the locking mechanism, is affected. You can solve this problem on your own, nevertheless. First, unscrew the guide brackets at the door’s edges so as to reposition them such that they direct the locking bars into their designated locking slots. When done, lubricate your locks using machine oil and you are good to go.

Bonus repair tip – know when to call a professional repairman

Needless to mention, you can’t be able to fix all garage door issues without professional expertise. Call a professional garage door repair if you notice either of the following issues or signs.

  • A large, rapidly growing crack on the wall
  • A seemingly shifted foundation wall
  • Large black mold patches on the wall
  • A buckling wall
  • A wall that crumbles to dust upon touching

Why Hire Professional Garage Door Services

Hiring professional garage door services is crucial if you notice warning signs that your garage door is failing, and repairing it is beyond your capability. While garage doors usually cause annoying problems, like noise or random opening/closing, DIY troubleshooting may not be enough to resolve the issue.

It is best to seek the expert services of a garage door company to ensure that your garage door is checked by a professional to avoid major problems — like an accident caused by an erratic garage door. You can check to find out more about garage door services.

Check the following advantages of hiring a professional garage door company:

  • Save Time And Effort: If you don’t have any background in garage door repair, it is better to hire a professional garage door technician than going the do-it-yourself route. It will save you time and effort trying to figure things out, such as sourcing the root cause of the garage door problem.
  • Ensure High-quality Repair And Replacement: A professional garage door technician is highly knowledgeable on the best repair techniques and parts to be replaced because of years of experience and training.
  • Promote Greater Security: With professional expertise, you have peace of mind that your garage door is fully functioning and safe to operate. Doubts and concerns are eliminated, unlike when you DIY the garage door issue.
  • Complete Garage Door Assessment: Garage door companies have standard operating procedures and protocols to follow to ensure they provide excellent garage door services to their clients.
  • Save Money: Instead of troubleshooting your garage door on your own, it is best to hire a professional to address the problem and also save money on expensive mistakes caused by a DIY route. Mistakes like garage door falling accidentally on a person or vehicle can be avoided by hiring an experienced garage door technician.

In summary, a non-working opener, a noisy operation, cracks, sagging, and faulty locking mechanism are some of the most common garage door problems. While some of these can be fixed DIY, others may need the attention of a professional repairer. The trick is to be sure to hire the best in the trade. If you come from this coastal area of California, for instance, you’ll want to get the best garage door repair San Diego has to offer. Nonetheless, maintenance tasks such as regular lubrication, roller checks, and balance checks will go a long way in saving you from the inconvenience and keeping your repair costs down.