No more unattractive under-eye mascara smears! Here are four suggestions to help your mascara last all day long.

Does your mascara consistently leave a ring of darkness under your eyes? This all-too-common issue has many potential remedies. Here’s how to extend the life of your mascara.


1. Examine your skin care regimen

According to Byrdie, the cause of your mascara smudges maybe your skin care regimen. For instance, always ensure that eye cream and other treatments are completely dry before putting on makeup; ideally, wait for the skin to fully absorb the goods for 30 minutes.

You can also use so-called “blotting paper” to eliminate extra oils from the skin throughout the day.

2. Wash your lashes

It’s crucial to coat freshly cleaned eyelashes in mascara. Femina advises using micellar water and a cotton pad to clean the eyelashes. Please select a cleanser without fragrance.

3. Examine an eye primer

A primer for the eyes keeps mascara in place in addition to eyeshadow:
According to Janice Daoud, Miley Cyrus’ makeup artist, a primer on the eyes and eyelids is crucial. Use an eyeshadow primer instead of concealer or foundation because it creates the ideal basis and, more importantly, keeps your eye makeup in place.


4. Properly apply mascara

There are a few things you can do when applying mascara to lessen the possibility of the makeup smudging into nearby skin during the day:

  • Prior to applying mascara, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Because there is less touch between the lashes and the skin beneath the eyes as a result, less product accumulates there.
  • Consider skipping the bottom lashes while applying mascara to see if it helps.
  • To get more product, merely cover the tips of the lashes with mascara after applying one coat to the full length of the lashes.