You spend about one-third of your life sleeping. That means we should have the right bedding to ensure we have a sound sleep and wake up healthier to face the day. Good bedding serves two primary purposes: making your bed more comfortable for you to spend the night and improving your bedroom aesthetic.

Because beddings play a critical role in your bedroom, you want to ensure you pick the right one that fits your tastes and preferences. Choosing quality bedding is not that easy, especially with the endless list of options in the market.

4 Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Bed Linen - tips, size, purchase, pattern, high-quality, fiber, bedding, Bed Linen

Here are some tips you can cling on if you intend to purchase high-quality bed linen:

1. Find out the type of fiber

Ideally, most people believe that thread count is the number one indicator of quality bed linen. That is not true. You can still choose high-quality bed linen based on the type of fiber used in making it. Check the fiber texture, strength, and length.

Most people prefer shopping for cotton fiber because they are soft, durable, breathable, and soft. It is easy to clean and take care of the cotton linen. Although 100% cotton linen is a bit expensive, it gives you value for money. When you opt for cotton linen, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick the Egyptian cotton. It comes with all the features mentioned here.

2. Check the thread count

Thread count is the number of thread woven found in a square inch of fabric. The more thread bed linen has, the more durable and elegant it looks. Thread count will also tell you whether the bed linen you are buying is percale or muslin.

Percale bed sheets have a thread count of more than 180. For higher quality bed linens with a silky touch, you can opt for those with a thread count of between 250 and 300. Any bed linen with a thread count of above 300 is considered a luxury quality.

3. What is the pattern used on the linen

Of course, sheets also play a role in improving the aesthetics of your bedroom. Therefore, the pattern on the sheet matters a lot. When shopping for high-quality bed linen, you should go for one with a small, medium, or large scale mix of patterns that belong to the same family.

Don’t go for linens that make your bedroom look like a rainbow. The choice of patterns and colors on the bed linen should match your room décor.

4. Confirm the size of the bed linen

The most important thing to do when shopping for bed linen is having your mattress or bed measurements in hand. The choice of the linen will depend on the size of your mattress. For instance, if you are using a mattress topper or have an extra-deep mattress, you may need a bit tall bed linen.

Ensure you measure your mattress before you go shopping for bed linen. Also, leave some allowance for shrinking whenever you wash it.

The probability of landing high-quality bed linen lies in how effectively you apply the four tips we have shared in this article.  Lastly, when you shop for a quality bed linen, you must ensure it comes with a return policy to be safe in case it does not fit your bed, or it turns out to be something you don’t need for your bed.