Whether you’re working on a major renovation of your home or an ambitious project around the house, moving some of your stuff to storage during the work makes sense for both safety and convenience. But when there are very few spare rooms in our homes, it can be hard to figure out where else we might store everything that needs to be put away. We’ve come up with four great options that don’t require much extra space but will keep your things safe and dry.

4 Practical Storage Options During A Major House Renovation - Storage, renovation, options, house, container, buildings

Storage Units

The storage unit is a great backup plan for those who have a garage, basement, or spare room that they can use to store items. It’s important to not only have adequate insurance but also take into consideration the climate of your location. It’s therefore ideal if you find a self-storage facility located in an area. The best way to go about doing this is to check out reviews online. If you live in Canada, there are some Canada storage units that are available to help you store your belongings until you complete your renovations. Many companies will offer discounted rates if you’re moving in during a month where rainfalls are high as well as offering discounts for signing up for a longer contract.

The cost of having your own storage space in a self-storage facility can vary depending on the size you need and also how long you’re willing to rent out the space. A lot of people choose this option because it’s usually cheaper than renting out an entire unit or container on its own, so if you only have one particular item that needs storing then it might be more affordable than other spaces. But another great reason to use these types of units is that they will often include shelving systems that are already set up inside them, which means that things like boxes won’t end up thrown around everywhere once they get delivered there! Storage units are also a good choice for those who need to store goods that aren’t allowed in a storage container, as they’re built from stronger materials and can be locked uptight.

Garages & Outbuildings

If you have a garage or outbuilding that is large enough then using this space to hold all your items makes a lot of sense, especially if it’s more convenient for everyone in the family. Even though garages are usually smaller than other units, quite a few people have managed to fit larger items inside these areas where they use shelving systems or racking instead. You’ll need to make sure that the walls are properly insulated too so that no condensation builds up within them, which can cause all sorts of damage. The only downside with outbuildings is because there isn’t very much security offered to stop anyone from breaking in and stealing things, so you’ll need to take this into consideration if your property is somewhere that’s easily accessible.

Pods Containers

Pods containers are actually pretty similar to in-store storage units because they also come with space rentals where people can store their belongings while either fixing up their homes or during a more permanent relocation period. The only difference is that these containers are equipped with double-walled insulation and a heating and cooling system to keep the temperature nice and cool in summer, or warm during winter. This type of storage company generally provides you with a permanent allocated space inside one of their buildings, giving you enough room to store things without having to worry about being unable to find what it is that you need when the time comes to retrieve your valuables again. There are even some companies out there who offer their customers individual custom-built compartments so your items can be protected at all times while still maintaining an organized format inside each container.

 Mini Container Buildings

While pods containers are small structures that can fit onto any property where they’re allowed, mini container buildings are usually larger in size and require them to be placed on a separate lot of land which is designated specifically for these types of commercial storage solutions. The only difference between these mini container buildings and the pods containers is that they tend to have more space available, but also cost more money due to all the amenities that are included with this service. If you’re looking for an ideal place where you can store your belongings then renting one of these commercial mini container buildings might be something that interests you, since they’ll give you access to extra security measures like 24-hour surveillance equipment, gated entryways with coded entry locking systems inside, night watchmen who will do rounds around the building every hour while checking up on things.

4 Practical Storage Options During A Major House Renovation - Storage, renovation, options, house, container, buildings

To conclude,  there are plenty of different ways for you to store your belongings during a renovation period, but it’s important that you think about your personal needs before deciding which option is right for you. If you take advantage of all these storage tips then it’ll reduce the stress levels associated with having to move your household items to somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.