Whether you are checking out real estate for sale in Whistler or another area, or maybe you already live in your dream home, your home can always use some updates. You may be getting tired of the same old, same old or you may be looking to increase your home’s value. Both of which can be satisfied with a few fixes that really aren’t that expensive.

When you watch home renovation shows on TV, they never really get into the true cost of just one update. They really give you a price per room or area of the house, so you never really get a sense of how expensive just one update is. Honestly what makes a lot of the rooms or areas is just one thing and it makes the rest look that much better.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you have the money for such an update or turnaround. Let’s dive into some of those updates that really don’t cost that much, but that can also turn your home into a beautiful new living space.

3 Home Updates that Look Expensive but Aren’t - upgrade, interior, home, desing

Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash is a must in all new homes or renovation, and honestly it’s not that expensive. Sure, some backsplash tiles are going to be higher-end and more expensive, but if you do some shopping around you will find some elegant ones on the cheap.

Back in the day you almost never saw a kitchen with backsplash. It was probably wallpaper or just a plain old wall. Today you will walk into a home and be drawn to a kitchen with a beautiful backsplash that ties all of the countertops, cabinets, and fixtures together.

You don’t even need backsplash around the whole kitchen. It typically goes above and around the stove area. It’s such a small space to cover, but it makes the look of your kitchen a whole lot more beautiful.


With a little elbow grease, this may be the easiest and least expensive update of them all. With a few bags of mulch, some potting soil, and some inexpensive flowers, you can do a whole lot. You’ll also need some tools like a rake and shovel to help you haul away the old, yucky stuff, but also spread the new stuff.The outside of your home typically needs some TLC annually. Cold and nasty weather can discolor old mulch, kill flowers, and bring unwanted new weeds in the Spring and Summer. The most expensive thing during this update will be your time. It’s not worth hiring someone to do a task that can easily be done yourself. It will save money and cut down on the cost of this update that will make your home one of the nicest on the block.

Fancy Showers

This update is similar to the kitchen backsplash. Adding some subway tile into your shower coupled with a glass door and clear windows rather than a shower curtain will go a long way in your bathroom. It will look like the richest of the rich live there.

People will go in to do their business and come out saying, “I love your bathroom.”

You won’t need to invest in any plumbers or plumbing work which gets pricey. Just remove the old or even just repair the wall around your shower, paste some tile in, and work on installing a door or window pane. This may seem like a lot of work, but trust that it’s really not.