Adding luxurious touches to your home doesn’t need to cost you lots of money. With some simple updates to your home, you can easily make every space feel more luxurious. From updating the towels in your bathroom to adding some new gadgets in your kitchen, your whole home can feel like a luxe space without breaking the bank. Try adding some of these simple touches to your home to see how it feels.

Simple Touches to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious - upgrade, throw pillows, paint, luxurious home, look, home decor, hidden spaces

Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you’re looking at getting a French press or you’re planning to get a Keurig, these kitchen tools can help you serve up drinks and meals with style. Make the perfect cup of coffee, whip up desserts with a Kitchenaid mixer, and upgrade to a smart refrigerator. Kitchen gadgets have a way of making your life easier, which helps add a luxurious feel to your home. You don’t need a full-on kitchen remodel to make your home feel wonderful. Swap out ten-year-old dishes for something new. Get a stand mixer instead of a hand mixer. Paint cabinets to freshen things up.

Throw Pillows

Comfy, cushy pillows have a way of making any space feel warm, comfortable, and luxurious. Add coordinating throw pillows to your family room or put them on your bed. Layer colors, textures, and sheen to add a dynamic look to your space. By spending only a couple of hundred dollars on pillows for the living room and bedrooms, you can easily make your home feel more luxurious.

Window Coverings

If all you have are cheap, store-bought mini-blinds, you need something new. While custom blinds can cost thousands of dollars, you can still upgrade the look of any room with new window coverings. Whether you choose layers of curtains, choose a roll-up style blind, or get thicker blinds, there are plenty of ways to make your home feel luxurious with updated window coverings. For a boho vibe, layer colors and patterns. For something modern and chic, think bright, airy, and white with lots of light.

Simplify Your Walls

If you have random wall hangings, art, and photographs on your walls, you can easily create a more luxurious feel with larger statement pieces. Instead of tons of framed photos for instance choose a large wall canvas of your family. Instead of small pieces of art, invest in a large painting. You can even paint the walls a more muted light gray, cream, or stark white color so that the art and wall pieces stand out and make a bigger statement.

Change the Look of Your Books

While you might have bookshelves alphabetized like the Dewey Decimal System, maybe it’s time to rethink your collection. One way to make bookcases look more interesting is to color-code your books. Older books especially had fabric or leather covers that look interesting and beautiful when they are paired with other books of similar colors. It might make it harder to find what you want, but it will make them look beautiful and more luxurious.

Upgrade Your Towels

Have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel and enjoyed the plush, fluffy towels and robes? Did you know you can buy those for yourself? Make your bathrooms feel more luxurious by simply changing out your old flat towels for these plush deluxe ones. It’ll help you and your guests feel spoiled at your home.

Paint The Walls

Buying paint is an inexpensive way to create more luxe feeling rooms. Refresh your home with a fresh coat of paint. Light and bright can help a room to have a more modern feel. You can even add modern wallpaper to create unique accent walls. Painting is one of the most affordable updates you can make to your home.

Create Hidden Spaces

Hide your kitchen pantry behind a cabinet or a sliding door, tuck your electronics into a cabinet. Having a television is great, but you don’t need to look at it when it’s not in use. Hiding your electronics can help a space feel less cluttered and more luxurious than a house where everything is in view. You can even update a piece of furniture to use for a drop station for charging phones, holding your keys and your wallets. Tuck things away to keep everything in one place and make your home feel more luxurious.