20 Things You Should Never Do If You Want To Avoid A ''Cheap'' Look At Home - wallpaper, home decor, furniture, finishes, decoration, boho look, animal print

1. Decorate with all the furniture of the same series

Does the saying of mix & match sound familiar to you? It is an infallible resource when decorating any room to give it style and personality. And it is that betting on a monotonous interior design, where all the furniture is part of the same series in the same tones and finishes, is not only boring, you can also run the risk that the space seems cheap in the bad sense of the word. Just as a student may need, sociology homework help assignment, people often turn to design professionals.

sky marketing refer to a room without sparkle, more typical of the barbie house than a home with a soul. The trick to avoid it. Combine styles, textures and finishes with measure and elegance. In this way, even if you have not left a fortune in the decoration, the house will seem more…  High level.

2. Plastic plants

There is no squeakier item in sight than some bad plastic plants. Don’t get us wrong, we are completely in favor of decorating with artificial plants, but you have to admit that many of these plants have a plastic effect that reveals their poor quality for a league.

If you don’t have a hand with natural plants, but you don’t want to give them up, buy them in specialized stores. The outlay will be worth it, think that they are elements that will accompany you for life whenever you want.

3. Poorly painted walls

Be very careful with this point, because a poorly painted and chipped wall will throw away all the effort you have put into the decoration. Although in the movies it always seems that painting the walls is a very simple and fun thing, if you want a 100% professional finish, we advise you to hire the services of a painter. Also watch out for moisture stains, because they create a terrible look!

4. Carpets too small

It may be the rug of your dreams, the color fits perfectly with the interior design of the living room, but if you choose a size that is too small, the room will lose all its charm and will look unbalanced. Pay attention to us, when you go to choose a new carpet make sure it is wide enough to avoid the ” floating effect ‘‘, that is, that it sits under the furniture in its proper measure.

5. Empty walls

Another of the tricks that you should follow to avoid a cheap look in your home is to decorate the walls. You can use pictures, prints, illustrations or any other decorative element. The key is to find the ideal balance between the piece and the style and size of the room. If you decide on a painting or illustration, try to make it unique, this will reinforce the elegance and character of the environment.

6. Furniture that does not fit the size of the room

Many times, we are infatuated with furniture that simply does not fit in our home. A sofa that is too large will ” eat up ” the living room space, but one that is too small will ” orphan ” the room. These poor decisions will create the effect of a hurriedly decorated living room, and we don’t want that, do we?

7. Bad lighting

Blessed lighting! It’s capable of so many things… And we are not just talking about the lamps themselves, but also the warmth of the bulbs. In the kitchen, for example, white light is necessary, but a living room or bedroom requires more warmth, which is directly related to style and elegance. Imagine a room where the light resembles a hospital, do you think you would feel comfortable? Of course not.

8. Going with the boho look

Although we adore the boho aesthetic and it’s great for creating cozy reading books, there’s a narrow line that separates it from the flute look (no offense). Cushions, blankets and rugs yes, but don’t overdo it!

9. Using too much ‘animal print’

And this affects both the prints with animal faces and the famous leopard. We understand that you may want to add a deco detail with an animal print (a cushion, a candle …), but if you use it too much, you will end up going from the flirty to the tacky in the blink of an eye. If you can do without it, all the better.

10. False finishes

Gold finishes are and will continue to be a trend. Lamps, wall lights, taps, handles, chandeliers, decorative boxes … There are endless elements for lovers of the gold effect, but if you want to avoid the trinket effect, buy pieces of brass, copper and authentic bronze, and forget about lacquers and paintings. They do not strain!

11. Place wallpaper

Wallpaper is an ever-current option, and more and more new patterns and colors are emerging for this easy-to-install coating. It is relatively cheap, and it is a quick option to transform environments.

For its application, it is important that the wall is well finished so that there are no undulations. There is the possibility to choose only one of the walls, or to place the wallpaper in all areas of the space.

12. Take advantage of the walls to gain storage space

An alternative that solves on the one hand the renovation of space and on the other the fact of gaining meters of storage is to opt for cabinets, niches or shelves. The walls, previously flat, can gain utility and also contribute to the new decoration of the space.

13. Change the curtains to give a cozier air to the house

Curtains don’t just regulate light; they add warmth to the space and can help make it appear larger. The options are diverse, but the fabric ones are usually cozier. Fabrics range from the lightest and most transparent to the heaviest and make it more difficult for light to enter.

If you prefer to opt for blind-type curtains, you have the advantage that they tend to get less dirty than fabric ones.

14. Paint the doors

If you want to give a special to your home, but without spending too much, one option is to paint only the doors. The chosen color can serve as the base color for the rest of the decoration or be the counterpoint with a stronger or more vivid color. It is a very simple, fast and inexpensive reform.

15. Changing the fabrics can totally change the decoration of the room

When the idea is just to give a new look, changing the fabrics can be a great solution. In this way, by changing only certain objects, you will be able to transform the environment quickly and easily. We talk about pillows, rugs and even the upholstery of the chairs and the sofa.

Opting for other colors and patterns, for a more neutral rug or for a more colorful one, can completely change the space. These choices are quick, easy and the result can be seen in a few hours.

16. Change the light to generate warmer or colder spaces in the home

Light is an essential factor in any space (it also serves to mark the different styles of decoration). Simply with the coloring style, you will get different types of spaces: warmer and more welcoming, colder … In other words: by choosing new lamps or lamps, you will get a very fast style change.

It must be taken into account, of course, that in addition to serving as a new decorative object, they will illuminate the room, hence it is so important to know what the light it is going to emit is like. If you see many changes to electrical installations, consider the option of having the help of a professional electrician to avoid possible problems.

17. Mirrors make the house seem much larger

Mirrors can visually double the dimension of space with their reflections.  You can buy them yourself in the shapes you want, although there is also the option of ordering a professional for a mirror of the specific size for what you need.

18. Change the floor with vinyl flooring

If you have time, you can also consider the option of changing the floor quite quickly. And is that if you install a vinyl flooring on the existing floor, you can have about 100 m² finished in just two or three days of work.

When it comes to colors and textures, there are endless options. Furthermore, as the material is so thin, it is applied directly on the original flooring and does not add extra weight.  Another of its advantages is that it is a practical material for cleaning and with an interesting value for money.

19. Paint the old tiles

Do you have old kitchen and bathroom tiles that have not stood the test of time well? A good option is to paint the tiles, which will give a new life to your home. The paint should be specific for wet areas because if it is not, it tends to bubble over time.

According to tajarat, it is important to remember that the joints will also be painted, that is, a wall will be left with a single color, but with the marking of the lines of the existing tiles.

20. Change small details that completely renew the decoration of the house

Finally, it should be mentioned that simply with small well-chosen changes it is possible to completely renovate a space. For this type of quick modifications, it is interesting to choose to change decorative details, such as new paintings, small furniture, decorative objects and details on the walls.

And do not forget that to pierce the walls and hang things on them it is necessary to check first if there is any pipe that passes through there, so as not to pierce anything that could cause problems.