Green has always been a refreshing color. It’s the color of spring when the leaves on trees are starting to sprout; when grasses start to grow; when plants spring to life. It’s the color of nature and growth so it’s always refreshing to the eyes. The spring nail art designs seem to have more glittering factors and pastel colors for all girls. You can choose many different patterns like flowers, strips, dots and Aztec prints to complete your nail design. Besides, there’s still another hot spot to be noticed – the magic ombre nails.  A girl who loves to wear green nails is very dynamic and communicative. She’s always community-oriented and a loyal friend with a strong need to belong, she’s not overly concerned with how strangers perceive her. And she can talk to strangers with ease and is always in a good mood. And because of her soothing personality, friends love to seek her out for advice.