Packing all your indispensables along with style and efficiency may entail a lot of thought and imagination, but not essentially a lot of space. With some smart design ideas proffered by online bathroom planners like the one from, you can do more in less space. Here are some 10 design ideas for small bathrooms:

1 – Choose Light Colours

Your bathroom colour is so essential to creating excellent first impressions. Small bathrooms must always steer clear of dark and heavy colours. These can make the bathroom seem both assuming and smaller than it is. Mix and match some pastel colours for your walls, floor, fixtures, and cabinets.

2 – Pick Smaller Bathroom Items

Go for small bathroom items and accessories. Bathroom fixtures do not come in one size. If your family is not big, then you can look for a smaller sink, bathtub, and toilet.

3 – Corner Spaces

Corner areas are often not exploited in most designs for small bathrooms. These parts are excellent for corner sinks as well as storage components. Remember that if you are relocating an existing sink the plumbing can be pricey. Think about the pros and cons of this resolution to determine if it is worth the cost.

4 – Perpendicular Space

Utilize the available vertical space in your tiny bathroom. Rather than a vanity unit consider slotting in a tall storage bathroom cabinet. This will proffer you increased storage space by using up a small floor space. A vertical rack for towel drying is also an excellent solution.

5 – Use Mirrors

All types of bathrooms require mirrors. Small bathrooms can look great with unadorned mirrors. Exceedingly small bathrooms may have to put up with tiny round mirrors. These reflective facets will aid to illuminate your bathroom and make it appear larger.


6 – Get Lights and Windows

Apart from mirrors, lights can help to enlarge the enhance space. If possible natural light should be used instead of artificial ones. Overhead openings and windows over bathtubs bring in not only light but also some fresh air. Utilize the night lights astutely. Select generous light fittings that are not just limited to the bathroom centre.

7 – Minimal Thinking

Minimize your bathroom accessories and items. As much as you can, have only the important stuff that a bathroom needs. Move extra cabinets, surplus towel racks, and hampers from your bathroom.

in an older house, a small bathroom has been updated with a light white modern clean feel

8 – Instead of a Shower Curtain Use a Shower Door

To make your bathroom appear larger that it is use a shower door rather than a shower curtain. If it is a must to use the shower curtain still, use a light coloured one with minimal colour splashes.

9 – Floor Plan Changes

In several small bathroom designs, it might become impracticable to change the bathroom floor layout. It might be that you may only have one wall that is big enough to lodge the bathtub in that spot. If you attempt to shift it to another part, you might not have ample space for other things. You need to think how to change the layout successfully.

10 – Be Functional

Functionality is fundamental for small bathrooms. The small rooms can easily lead to unnecessary clutter, thus ensure you are adding only design components that are useful. Do not add objects or knick-knacks that do not serve any purpose.
Small bathroom designs ideas may call for your inventiveness. With a little creativity, you can easily change a small bathroom into the haven that you have always hunted.