In our today’s post we have prepared for you a few DIY projects to make yourself a hat, scarf, gloves that are required to have in these cold days that coming. Why don’t you use the cheaper and more creative way for preparing winter clothes? It is also more interesting, to make a gloves or scarf or warmer by yourself. You can use the old things and get new ones modern in the same time. Being fashionable is not about spending money over an expensive thing. You can always come up with some brilliant ideas and use DIY tips for winters. It is not really that hard to look like a fashionista. Style and fashion go hand in hand, so you can work with your skills and be stylish your way.

Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Pattern

diy fashion (1)

DIY cozy, stylish winter cape

diy fashion (1)


diy fashion (2)

DIY No-Sew Blanket Scarf

diy fashion (3)

Fur Boot Covers

diy fashion (4)

DIY Drape Top

diy fashion (5)

Diy Feather Band Fedora

diy fashion (6)

Diy Faux Fur Hat

diy fashion (7)

DIY: snowflake gloves

diy fashion (8)

Diy Glitter Boots

diy fashion (9)

Easy-Peasy Knitted Cap

diy fashion (10)

Heart-Felt Sweatshirt

diy fashion (11)

Wo(Men)’S Plaid Flannel Shirt

diy fashion (12)

DIY the Sleeveless Blazer

diy fashion (13)

Skirt to bag

diy fashion (14)

Simple Knit Skirt

diy fashion (15)

Heart Sweater Refashion

diy fashion (16)

DIY Wrap Cardigan

diy fashion (17)