When you have a disorganized vanity or dresser (the place where you probably toss your stuff when you’re done with it), finding what you need to get on your way can be frustratingly difficult. Keeping them organized and decorated in a chic way would make getting ready way easier. As women, we tend to spend hours every week fixing our hair and applying makeup, so it only makes sense that our vanity space showcases this important space in your house. Here are 15 ways you can design your vanity area to look like an essential part of your house.

Classic White Vanity with Ornate Mirror


Minimalist Vanity and Geometric Wall Mirrorkissbook.cz

Simple Bedside Vanity with Vintage Touches


Corner Makeup and Hairstyling Vanityhomewithlo.com


Modern Glam Makeup Vanity and Storage Shelvesdwellingdecor.com

Space-Saving Floating Vanity Shelf


Marble-Topped Vanity with Baroque-Style Mirrornudecoration.com

Elegant Multi-Tiered Vanity with Oversized Mirroranitafaraboverubies.com

Updated Bathroom Vanity with Glass and Chrome Accentsorganizesebycarol.wordpress.com

Monochrome White Vanity and Framed Mirrortheladybugsbeauty.com


Shimmering Mirrored and Metallic Vanityubedroom.pw

Easy Bedroom Vanity Tableinspirasirumahku.com

Chanel-Inspired Vanity Corner with Storage Shelvesmakeupbyarberesha.blogspot.com

Floating Vanity Shelves and Framed Wall Mirrorvoceprecisadecor.com