It is a common belief that sturdy, durable and high quality worktops available in the market involve manufacturing processes that impact the environment in a harmful way. While wood and glass are among the most common eco-friendly kitchen worktop options, Quartz and Granite worktops too can be considered as long as they are manufactured by a company committed to the ongoing green movement. It is important that you’re apprised of some less-known facts about Granite and Quartz work surfaces.

So, are you ready to make a green purchase?

How About Eco-Friendly Granite Worktops for Your Kitchen?

Your contribution to the green movement begins at home. It’s these seemingly small and irrelevant choices made by millions of people that ultimately prove a deciding factor in increasing or decreasing the carbon footprint.

Granite worktops are natural and degradable – a perfect green option you may want to consider for kitchen worksurfaces. Manufactured from hot and molten lava found below the sedimentary rocks, Granite is degradable and safe because it is made up of all natural ingredients.

Since granite worktops require very less maintenance compared to wooden and glass worksurfaces, they leave much less impact on the environment in the long term. Granite worktops are highly durable and therefore, you won’t be contributing to harmful, non-degradable waste.


Green Quartz Worktops too are a Great Option!

As topics related to greenhouse effect, global warming, carbon footprint, CO2 build up etc. find their way to news headlines almost every day, an increasingly large number of consumers have begun to make green purchase choices.

If you too are a homeowner who wants a contemporary kitchen by using green materials, Quartz worktops are an excellent choice. These worksurfaces look fantastic, are highly durable and have a very high stain resistance capability.

Not many people know that Quartz worktops are completely free of radon and radiations. It is a byproduct in an industry that results in a great deal of landfill.

Shining, bright and stunningly beautiful quartz worktops that you’d use in kitchen could have otherwise landed up in landfill! This is one perspective that not just homeowners but local retailers of home improvement accessories miss easily.

Several manufactures nowadays provide Quartz worktops for residential and commercial use that are made from around 75% of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials. While some people may have differing opinions on the subject, the way Quartz is manufactured and the kind of advantages it has, there is no denying to the fact that Quartz is one of the greenest kitchen worktop choices.

Do Your Bit to Save the Planet: Your Decisions Matter

The green movement is not an individual effort or a government imitative in isolation It’s an effort which is yours. Make careful purchase choices today so that we can pass on the planet as it is now (or better) to our children!

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