The boardroom is the one place where people judge the book by its cover. With women still a minority in the boardroom scene in certain professions, it’s time that ladies dressed the part to be recognized. Women must invest in their wardrobes to make sure they look the part to level-up with their male counterparts.

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With boardroom standard rules being adhered to, choosing the right shoe for this space can be a daunting experience. Gone are the days when the market was flooded with impractical images of sky-high stilettos or some old-fashioned court shoes for the boardroom. Nowadays, many footwear brands design shoes that are logical, comfortable and match well with the office dress code. These shoes are not only diversified but they are liberating to the women and add personality to the wardrobe. Below are 5 must-have shoes to set you up for the boardroom;


There is nothing as draining as walking into the office with “click-click” sound from your footwear. It’s distracting, to say the least, and an absolute no-no. The boardroom often calls for a ‘serious’ shoe that sounds authoritative, stable and instill confidence. Whether you are drawn to the basics or something more flamboyant, loafers are the office go-to shoe. In recent years, the classic loafer has slightly changed from their dainty silhouettes to more chunky platform soles. The Gucci loafers are easily one of the best loafers for the office and ought to be on heavy rotation for seasons to come. They can be worn with official suit pants or a pleated skirt for the meetings.


As an eternal classic, the allure of the pump lies in its versatility. It adds an elegant finish to everything tailor-made and dressy for the office. The humble pump is something to invest in when building a stylish work wardrobe. They go seamless with any business formal dressing.


Thin, spiky stilettos are definitely not for the boardroom. It goes without saying that the blocked heel has officially taken over the office space. If you are looking for elegant heels without the discomfort, the block design is the way to go. They are perfect for the woman on the go, walking from meeting to the next. For a no-hustle feeling, opt for mid-height style with some slingback straps that go perfectly with pencil skirts or cigarette pants.


Once regarded as the “grandma shoe,” the kitten heel has proved to be more than just a nod in the past and more of what the future style will feature. This shoe was considered boring but it’s now a bonafide must-have in the heel department. The kitten heel is the definition of comfort over height and comes in a variety of designs from easy boots, naked sandals and even flip-flops. For the office, the kitten heel feels feminine, relaxed and can go with almost everything from suits, midi dresses and even jeans!


Sandals are for summer while boots are for winter but wedges are without a doubt the transitional shoes for all seasons. They are highly sought after especially for the women who find it hard to walk on heels. Wedges are a timeless closet essential that are so comfortable and make one feel sophisticated. They can in different ways from woven espadrilles, floral-engraved style with metallic leather straps or even in embellishments like gold bow detailing.