15 Genius DIY Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom For Free

We are always happy when we have found DIY ideas that we can present to you because creating things by yourself helps you save money as well as develop crafting skills. Of course, crafting your own items and accessories is not just about saving money. It is also a fun and creative way to clean out the things that you no longer need in your home therefore freeing up storage space. For example, how many mason jars do you have cluttering your storage without ever having to use them?

In this new collection of 15 Genius DIY Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom For Free, we are going to show you clever ways to give new life to old stuff that you no longer use. But don’t be fooled. Just because you can craft these items by yourself doesn’t mean that they are not as good or as practical as the ones that are made by designers and companies. No, on the contrary, the items that you can make by yourself can be even better.
Whether you are going for a rustic, vintage look or something more sleek and modern, you can certainly DIY some awesome decor to add to your bath. Happy crafting!

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Accessories

Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf

DIY Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

DIY Bathroom Storage Ladder

Enamel Mug Bathroom Organizer

Reclaimed Wood Branch Bathroom Shelf

Mason Jar Wall Organizer DIY Ideas

DIY Rope Towel Holder

DIY Cedar Bath Caddy

Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Nautical Rope Mirror

DIY Rustic Soap Dispenser

DIY Pebble Bath Mat

DIY Rustic Tub Board

DIY Butcher Block Vanity

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