Pinecones are extremely special and highly used in DIY project mainly because they can be adapted any shape in a group. Pinecones grow in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their abundance and beauty make them ideal for fall and winter decorating projects. Pinecones are often considered cool for winter decor but what about fall? They look great in fall arrangements, too!

Pinecone Flower Garland

Pinecone Flower Garland

Pinecone Roses

DIY Pinecone Roses

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Succulent Planters

DIY Pinecone Succulent Planters

Pinecone Topiary

Gorgeous DIY Pinecone Topiary

Pinecone Candleholder

Upcycled Cardboard And Pinecone Candleholder

Rustic Pinecone Centerpiece

DIY Rustic Pinecone Centerpiece

25. DIY Snowy Pinecone Wreath

I love this easy snowy wreath that you can make with pinecones and artificial snow spray. Paint stirrers, which you can get really cheap at any hardware store, help you to make this gorgeous snowflake shape and once you have it all together, just spray it with artificial snow to give it that snowy appearance. This one is pretty easy to make and is one of the cheapest DIY wreaths I have seen.

Source/Tutorial: southernliving

DIY Pinecone Garland

Easy DIY Pinecone Garland

Framed Pinecone Art

Gorgeous Framed Pinecone Art

Pinecone Spider

Halloween Pinecone Spider

Pinecone Kissing Ball

DIY Pinecone Kissing Ball

Pinecone Arrangement

DIY Lighted Pinecone Arrangement

Ombre Pinecones

DIY Ombre Pinecones

Pinecone Candles

DIY Pinecone Candles