Home renovation is a big project for anyone to take on, but it is a great opportunity to upgrade your decor and home interior style as and when the seasons change. There are endless themes you can use throughout your property; however, incorporating autumn accents into your home can make your space warm, welcoming, and cosy for the chilly season. From the trending Scandinavian and minimalistic looks to the bright and colourful contemporary style, there are autumnal decorations for every home. These ten decoration ideas will take your next home renovation to the next level.

10 Autumn Decoration Ideas To Implement In Your Next Home Renovation - Wreaths, textures, home renovation, garlands, decoration, Candles, autumn

Dress Your Walls

Add a pop of autumn to your walls with seasonal artwork. If you have bright summery prints with bold pinks, blues and yellows, swap these out for deep reds, ambers and oranges. Alternatively, if you have empty wall space, this is the time to make the most of that and elevate your home with canvas prints. There is autumnal art in every style. You may like the harvest landscapes for your vintage-themed home; however, if you have a Scandinavian style, add subtle hints of the season into your pad with fine-line leaf patterns.

Adjust Your Colour Pallete

Warm, earthy tones, including burnt orange, mustard yellows, rustic browns and khaki greens, are perfect for autumn. As the new season approaches, we can utilise these colours within our home through subtle decors such as throws, scatter cushions and flowers; however, we can also use them to liven up our walls by adding these colours as an accent. These shades symbolise autumn’s natural elements and bring the outdoors in!

Layer With Textures

Many associate autumn with wrapping up in layers and getting cosy. We can fill our homes with warmth by adding textures and fabrics. Draping thick knitted throws over your sofa and including accent scatter cushions to your bedspread will give your home a luxurious autumn feel. By adding textures, you will create an inviting atmosphere perfect for curling up with your favourite book or a good movie.

Get Cozy With Candles

Candles are the perfect final touch to create the ultimate cosy vibe during the colder seasons. The soft glow and subtle heat provide an unmatched atmosphere and ambience. You can opt for candles in an array of heights, styles and colours. These can be subtle woody scents in natural decorative jars. If you truly want to embrace autumn to its fullest, you can find candles in fun, unique scents like pumpkin, bonfire and cinnamon with bright and colourful holders to bring your room to life. Add some charm to your living space with candles this season.

Wreaths And Garlands

Autumn is a wonderful time to buy decorative pieces. Around this time of year, many homeware stores will stock wreaths and garlands that truly represent the best elements of the season. If you are feeling creative, you may opt to make your own. These will incorporate foliage, berries, flowers, pine cones and leaves in deep, rich autumnal shades of green, brown and orange. Nature-inspired accent decor like wreaths helps create a welcoming environment for guests.

Decorative Displays

Similarly to wreaths, you can use decorative pieces to create statement displays throughout your home on mantle pieces, in entryways and sitting in the middle of your dining table. By incorporating natural factors, including twigs, foliage and pine cones, you can draw attention to autumn within your living space. There are many other decorative pieces available that can help bring a new look to your home this time of year that can be found in your favourite home stores.

Warm Up Your Ambience

When you think of autumn, you think of warm ambient lighting creating a cosy, inviting atmosphere perfect for unwinding and relaxing. To do this, you can switch your lightbulbs from white to warm or place multiple lamps around your home that you can utilise in the evening in replace of your main ceiling lights. Lamps can be found in many wonderful styles, so whether you have a contemporary home, a Scandinavian apartment or a minimalistic pad, you can find some that suit your space while adding an autumnal feel.

Change Up The Flooring

A timeless option that compliments any seasonal decor and colour palette would be hardwood flooring which you can purchase in many different styles, from parquet, bamboo and solid wood. If you are on a smaller budget, you could opt for laminate flooring to give a similar effect. When it comes to styling your hardwood floor, you can leave it as it comes for a clean finish or layer rugs on top to create an autumnal texture. If the wooden look isn’t for you and you want a cosy carpet to warm the room, these can also be sourced in various colours and patterns to suit the theme of your home.

Add Plants & Flowers

Indoor plants are suitable for summer, autumn, winter and spring as long as you care for them correctly. They can add a fun pop of colour to your living area and have many health benefits. Surrounding yourself with plants can improve your mental health, which during the colder, darker months, can be incredibly beneficial for many people. As well as plants, there are also dried flowers, including pampas and autumnal bouquets, that will last all season long and add an extra decorative element to your property.

Mirror Placements

During the months when the sun sets earlier, placing decorative mirrors around your rooms will bounce more light. This works great for natural light in the mornings and artificial lighting in the evening. It is the perfect way to may your home feel brighter and more inviting. These can come in multiple sizes and styles, with many being perfect for introducing deep autumnal colours, such as dark oaks and natural woods.

From rich colour palettes to cosy accents and decorative pieces, there are many fun, warming and creative ways to match your interior to the current season. Whether you opt to introduce candles, wreaths, textures or all of the above, each piece will bring a sophisticated seasonal style to any home. Embrace the warmth of the fall season and elevate your home!