Many of the cities that made our “12 best cities for retirement” list offer residents plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. Even in spots that have extremely cold winters, retirees are still able to leave their homes and enjoy a breath of fresh air. In turn, many of the most active communities tend to have the happiest residents. Maybe you like the idea of retiring to a town where you’ll never wield a snow shovel again. Or trading your pricey home in a high-tax area for a more affordable city. Or ditching the suburban cul-de-sac for an urban neighborhood. Retirement represents a period of change. For most people, that means less income, but more time to do what they choose. One logical response to both: move to a place with lower costs and attractive lifestyle features–such as good weather, rich cultural and educational offerings, and ample opportunities to stay physically active and to engage in volunteer work.

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Logan, Utah

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Port Charlotte, Florida

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Asheville, North Carolina

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Lexington, Kentucky

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Cape Coral, Florida

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Boise, Idaho

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Great Falls, Montana

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Rochester, Minnesota

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Blacksburg, Virginia

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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