Minimalist lifestyle – this seems to be the new trend going around and being so heavily promoted by different bloggers and influencers. So, what is it about? You give out everything in your house and keep only a plate and a glass? Does Marie Kondo appear at your doorstep and get rid of all your decorations? All good guesses but minimalism is essentially about living with less, reducing consumption and waste.

Let’s do a small exercise – look around the room you are in, can you identify five things that you absolutely don’t need, never used them, don’t even remember how they got there? I am sure nine out of ten readers can identify those five things. Minimalist lifestyle is about purchasing things that you need and use often. For instance, a minimalist doesn’t have an avocado slicer because it only has one purpose and is used very rarely (unless you’re a minimalist who eats five avocados a day).

10 Items Every Minimalist Should Have In Her Wardrobe - woman, wardrobe, tank top, t-shirt, sundress, Sneakers, silk scarf, minimalist, fashion, denim jeans, cardigan, boots, blazer, belt

Minimalism applies to all aspects of life – from food to home decor and fashion. This last one is particularly difficult as we are all so used to having options and diversity (but still somehow end up not having anything to wear). So in terms of fashion, a minimalist has a few options of basic wardrobe items and one or two accessories and other season-specific items. For instance, five sweaters, two pairs of jeans but one silk scarf or a pair of sunglasses.

But how do they create outfits with such limited options? Well, that’s when these “transformer” items come in:

1. A silk scarf

Silk scarves are one of the most versatile items in any wardrobe. They can be turned into headbands, belts, tops, swimsuit covers to name a few. Needless to say, there are dozens of ways of wearing a silk scarf and each option gives your outfit a new look. You can either buy a basic one or silk scarves for women with bold prints.

2. A black tank top

Another basic that every minimalist should have is a black tank top. Not to repeat myself, go back to the first sentence of the white t-shirt section – you can essentially do all those things with a black tank top. Given that black is always elegant, you can use the tank top both in casual and fancier outfits (with a high waisted skirt or pants and a silk scarf).

3. A oversized cardigan

Nothing gives off a cozier mood than an oversized cardigan paired with that white t-shirt or black tank top that we talked about. I recommend choosing a neutral color like cream, brown (maybe burnt orange) or black, so that you can wear with nearly everything. I personally prefer oversized cardigans but it really doesn’t have to be one. You can go with a regular one too but do have a cardigan in your wardrobe that you can style into a cute outfit.

4. Denim jeans

We couldn’t pass by the most obvious one – a pair of denim jeans. Trust me, you only need a good pair of denim boyfriend and skinny jeans. If you want to use them in a more business-casual outfit like with a blazer and a silk scarf around your neck then I recommend going with regular ones instead of ripped jeans.

5. A sundress

Even if you are a “pants all the way” type of person, I’d still recommend having a versatile sundress in your wardrobe. You can wear it as it is or turn it into a skirt by wearing a t-shirt over. Add your cardigan and a pair of boots, and you have yourself a nice fall outfit. Even though they are called sundresses, you can wear them during any season with some styling.

6. A blazer

Gone are the days when a blazer was only to be worn at the office and in the most boring way possible. Blazers have become a fashion statement. Pair it with denim jeans and some high heels, and you’ve got yourself a confident look ready for a work day or a night out with friends. I am a big fan of black blazers as they can be matched with everything but the color is up to you.

7. A belt

Now onto accessories. Invest in a really good belt that won’t wear off very quickly. Black and brown are the basic colors but if you have other preferences, go ahead. Buy a mid size one not too thin, not too thick, so that you can wear it with pants and also with dresses, skirts and shirts for some waste definition. We will talk about silk scarves in a minute, but you can turn them into belts too if need be.

8. A white t-shirt

Pair it with jeans, wear it over a sundress, tie it and make it cropped. You can make as many as 15 different outfits with a simple white t-shirt using other basics mentioned in this article. And if you get tired of it at one point, maybe you rip it or spill something on it then you can cut it and turn into a tank top or maybe color it.

9. White sneakers

Our last two items are shoes and of course, the first place goes to white sneakers like Adidass ones or Chuck Taylor Allstar sneakers. They will complete any outfit be it with a dress, denim jeans, shorts or a more classic look with a blazer and a silk scarf. The only con is that they get dirty quickly, so as long as you clean them periodically, you will have a pair of shoes that go with anything.

10. Chelsea boots

For a colder season like fall and winter, purchase a good pair of Chelsea ankle boots. They look great both with pants and skirts/dresses. Chelsea boots are a classic and will remain so every year and in any season. They are comfortable and they look good, what else do you need?

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean having a boring style, it means you need to get more creative with the clothes you have.