For some, using airbrush makeup seems intimidating and you might think it only works for the experts and celebrities. Air-brushing is actually easier than other makeup applications once you try it once or twice and get the hang of it, because the whole idea is that it is light and blends well. With very small strokes in key areas, you can create a radiant and dewy look or a chiseled and sculptured appearance. A popular technique using airbrush makeup is bronzing, which is great for a casual, summer look and works with all hair and eye colors. It dries quickly so you can apply multiple layers to get that perfect shade and contour.

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How to Apply Bronzing

To look like you’ve gotten some healthy outdoors sunshine, apply bronzing to your forehead, cheekbone, jawline, sides of the nose and on the chin, wherever sun would naturally touch your face. For a completely natural look, apply bronzing only to the center of the neck and along the collarbones; for an all over glow effect, add to shoulders as well as all these other spots. Hold the bronzer nozzle four fingers away from your face and apply in a circular motion so that the product is applied evenly all over the face. Make sure to keep your hand in motion so you don’t inadvertently apply too much in one spot and end up with splotches.

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Airbrushing has many benefits. You use less makeup, don’t have to match a specific shade to your skin, and is cleaner because you don’t need to touch your skin with brushes and sponges that harbor bacteria. Most of the products, such as the TEMPTU Airpod bronzer, are also hypoallergenic and don’t have additives that distress your skin like alcohol or perfumes. It can be worn all day and not wear off, even in water or when you sweat. Bronzing gives you a healthy, sun kissed look without the harmful damage of sun tanning, and it’s a look you can sport all year round regardless of the weather.