As the long summer days begin to come to a close and we’re met with the first cool brushes of Autumn, we may start to rethink what’s inside our wardrobe? Do we have enough layers for the chilly months ahead of us? Which of our shoes will see us through to Spring, and which should be stored away? Usually, we would be a little more prepared for the changing of seasons, but after two years of sporadic lockdowns and limits, we’re left with many questions, one of which is “what do we even wear?” So today, we take a look at why now is the perfect time to have that long overdue wardrobe refresh, establish your personal style and ready yourself for the world.

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New Year New You

Whilst we celebrated the new year three months ago, the beginning of Autumn marks the start of the sartorial new year. Suddenly jackets and coats, beanies and scarves are on offer, a whole new you to explore. For the vast majority of us, we’ve spent the past two Autumn/Winter seasons in and out of lockdowns and so it can be forgiven if our wardrobes are looking a little outdated. So if you’re wanting to establish a new style for yourself in this year of possibilities, why not earn Qantas points, when you shop at department stores like Myer? This definitely gives you double the reason to shop, with none of the guilt.

The beginning of a new season is the perfect excuse to create a new identity for yourself. And, with lockdowns hopefully on their way to being a distant memory, why not try out a new image? Relish in the excitement that comes with the first few months of a new period, when your story is let to be played out in full. Get creative and make yourself a mood board with the exact ideas and style you wish to have. This way, you can work through your wardrobe and find what matches this concept, and what doesn’t. With a year full of possibilities, why not experiment a little?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a new season begins, a wardrobe clear out must be done. Seasonal cleaning ensures you don’t end up hoarding an 80s nightgown from your grandmother. But, don’t despair if you love to shop, doing cupboard clean up doesn’t mean ridding yourself of items you love to live your best minimalist life; why not do a clear out of the older pieces you no longer need and give them a second life at an op shop? In turn, you can take a turn and find a new style or even a new identity for yourself with items you can feel good about purchasing.

Physical Op shops are not the only way to continue this lifecycle of fashion. In this modern age, there are websites like eBay or Depop in which you can find anything from the latest trends to a niche retro style specific to you. You can set up your own online store, selling pieces others will love whilst in turn purchasing new items for yourself. And, if the online reselling world seems a little intimidating to you, why not set yourself up on social media? These days there are a plethora of accounts dedicated to renting or selling anything and everything, and in a world that has become even more online over the past few years, why not use your social media knowledge to your own sartorial advantage?

Sustain Your Sustainability

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the world can change in an instant, and so why not use things as simple as your wardrobe to contribute to a brighter future? After clearing out your older items, when looking to replace the gaps within your style, try to take this time to shop ethically. There are plenty of small businesses that not only are sustainable and ethical in their production but also would benefit exponentially from your business. Taking time to research prior to your purchase means you’ll likely get the most wear out of your items, rather than a regretful impulse purchase, this, in turn, gives you the best bang for your buck.

Take A Risk

After safe, soft loungewear, and Zoom appropriate button-ups, why not put your best foot forward in a new daring style? It’s the second iteration of the roaring twenties, and though it’s been an admittedly slow start, why not pack an extra punch with some vibrant fashion statements? Fashion should feel daring and bold, not simply practical and safe. And with all of us so excited to get out and about, if it were ever a time for an unexpected style swap, it’s now.

As we return to work, rush over to the bars and zoom to our friend’s places, why not do it in a great pair of shoes? It’s never a bad time to rethink and reevaluate your wardrobe and style in general. But, with venues reopened and all of us adjusting to a Covid-normal world, there’s truly never been a better time to reinvent yourself. So, whether you’re shopping the latest styles at department stores or managing your own self made Instagram store, you’re sure to stun in a whole new style.