Bike designs have come along way since the first ever design in the 19th century. Steel has been the traditional material used for bike frames. Recent technology has seen the adoption of carbon, material that is not only lighter than steel, but also about three times stronger. The science behind these carbon frames is quite advanced hence the high cost of carbon frame bikes. If you are traveling with your bike, it is always a good idea to have everything that you need on your person. Just as you needed a steel frame bike rack, you also need bike racks for carbon frames. Considering the high cost of these bikes, it is important you get a frame that does not touch the actual frame of the bike to maintain the quality of your bike. Here are a few things you should know about the different types of bike racks.

What You Need to Know About Different Types of Bike Racks - verticle racks, types, trunk mounted, truck bed, roof mounted, hanging racks, bike racks

Truck Bed

These are used to carry bikes on pickup trucks. You really do not need any rack as you can just place the bikes hanging at the back and secure them to keep them stable. Trucks provide adequate space for bikes and still leave space for more luggage. Using such vehicles is the easiest and most convenient way of carrying bikes.

Vertical Racks

These are racks mounted behind a vehicle and then have the bikes hanging vertically. They are good for carrying mountain bikes. You simply secure the lower wheel at the lower part leaving the front one free facing upwards. You can carry up to six bikes with this rack, but that of course also depends on the size of your car. These types of racks are not recommended for carrying road or children bikes.

Hanging Racks

These racks are fairly easy to use. They can swing aside and also tilt allowing you to use your trunk when you need to. Additionally, they fold up making them easier to store when you remove your bikes. You can simply fold them and keep them in your trunk.  Hanging racks are used by most bikers thanks to all these features and are not as expensive.

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

Truck mounted racks usually sit on the trunk of a vehicle. You have to ensure that there fixed well for stability. These racks present a challenge when you need to use your trunk since they are cumbersome to mount and unmount. They will waste a lot of your time if you use them on a road trip. The only advantage is that you can carry up to four bikes even with a small saloon car.

Roof Mounted

If you prefer not to carry your bike behind your car, then you can also have it on top instead. Carrying your bikes on the roof of your car will enable you to have unlimited access to your hatch or trunk. However, loading and unloading the bikes on top of your car, especially if you have an SUV vehicle can be a real challenge if your bikes are heavy. Carbon frame bikes are easy to load.