India is a beautiful country where an ancient culture cohabits sprawling modern life, where layers of history and old traditions come together with vivacious life forces and make this country a riot of colours, cultures, climates and so much more. It has some of the coldest mountains as well as hot tropical beaches, over twenty major spoken languages and dozens of different cultures packed into the subcontinent, making it perfect reason to look into India travel packages for your next trip. Whether you are travelling solo or with company, here are a few things every woman should pack on her trip to India.

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Stay safe with sunscreen

Whether you are visiting one of the hotter parts of the country or its mountains, make sure you carry your sunscreen and apply ample of it whenever you go out. If you are not used to the tropical sun, its direct rays can be quite harsh on the skin, giving you bad burns. Therefore, make sure you carry plenty of sunscreen for your face as well as for the body to prevent sunburn.

Keep your medicines handy

Travelling to this country is likely to offer a major change in weather, food and water which can take some time for the body to adjust to. This often results in travellers falling sick on their early days. In order to not let this, hamper your travel plans, carry all the essential medicines you might need so that you can pop one as soon as you feel slightly bad. This can save you a lot of trouble as you start the treatment immediately without losing any time.

Carry your preferred feminine hygiene products

While supermarkets, local stores and medicine shops in cities stock most kinds of menstrual hygiene products, pads are still the most prevalent ones in rural spaces. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with sanitary pads, it is a wise idea to carry your own feminine hygiene products or pick up some from the city if you are travelling to a smaller place. If you are likely to use public toilets, carry your own disposal bags to dispose.

Scarves can be your best friend

The most versatile piece of fabric, a scarf, can be your lifesaver. Carry a few lights as well as thick scarves which can be used as a wrap or to cover your head, in case a religious place you are visiting demands so, to keep yourself warm in the case weather gets a tad chilly and even to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays.

Carry appropriate clothing and accessories

Packing clothing for your trip to India can be a little tricky. In certain parts of the country you can expect sweltering heat and humidity which will cause a lot of perspiration. Thus, you will need tons of light, preferable loose, cotton or natural fabric clothes which will help the skin breathe. If you are travelling to the colder mountains, remember that the weather can go down well below freezing temperatures and you will need to layer up. Look up the weather before you pack. Go for cotton underwear and change your undies every day and if needed, more than once a day. Although the public transport system in most of the country is pretty well equipped, carry comfortable shoes so that you can explore like a local wherever you go.

Always remember cash is king

You will need cash for street food, local shopping, public transport etc., therefore, ensure that you always have adequate cash in Indian currency on you. Although most hotels, restaurants etc. do take cards and there are ATMs everywhere, you will possibly be charged per transaction, so check with your bank to know about card transaction charges in a foreign country.

India is a paradise for affordable shopping as you can find stunning clothes, accessories, bags, fancy shoes etc. at dirt cheap prices and it will be hard to stop shopping so make sure you have plenty of space in your bags to carry home everything you buy there. Be prepared to experience a whole new culture and approach with an open mind for a super fun trip.