What To Do This Weekend #2: 5 Ideas For Happy Weekend

One more weekend in front of us, time to relax. Halloween is just one week away, so few of these ideas will come in handy! Have a great one!

Raspberry, Nutella & Mascarpone Toasted Sandwiches

Juicy raspberries sandwiched between layers of Nutella and mascarpone, then toasted to grilled cheese perfection.

Fall colors

Go for a walk, enjoy breezy days and wear cozy outfit in fall colors.

Harlequin Doll

Still don’t have idea for Halloween costume? Take a look.

Halloween spirit

Decorate your home with interesting Halloween pillows. Here is one DIY project that is simple and cute.

Apple Fig Herbal Tea

Finish the weekend with a hot cup of this apple tea. Relax and enjoy!

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