Spring is here and what is coming our way with it is the colorful outfit that we have been hiding in our wardrobe for the last couple of months. One of the new spring trends is the classic never old Red. However, red seems to be quite challenging for a good fit with our shoes. Surely, warmer times are coming as well and sandals are now a wonderful idea. Whatever pair of sandals you might need you can find in eNibbana women’s fashion suggestions. Here are the top trendy combinations of sandals and a red dress!

What Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress? - women, Shoes, red dress, fashion, Dress

1. Classic black

If you are a lady who likes cocktail evenings, but also loves going for a morning brunch with the girls in a stylish dress, a pair of classic black pair of sandals is the best choice for you! It might be a high-heeled pair or just a regular lower-heeled one, depending on what the occasion is.

2. Party metallic

If you are one of those girly and party women, who loves going out, and you want all eyes on you, the metallic trends would be a perfect fit for you! At first, a golden pair might seem a little too bold for you. But, please, give the silver one a chance! It is easy to style and bold, but not clownish. When it comes to golden pairs, it might be just one party evening, but a little glow never killed anybody!

3. Business Nude

Nude sandals are the must have of all business women on earth. They have turned into a signature in the business world. They turn every single dress into a stylish item, but it surely turns a red dress into a real masterpiece! This combination is the way to look dedicated, stylish, simple but still playful. A pro-tip is that when you pick a pair of nudes, watch out that they are truly comfortable, so that there is nothing to bother you while you conquer the world!

4. Paris White

In the spring, there is no more flattering way to express your fresh mood than a pair of white sandals. It really gives you that flowery flourishing outfit that we have all imagined wearing in Paris on a sunny day under the Eiffel Tower! It has a very girly and light look, but still seems to be very stylish and simple.

Red clothes, especially dresses, can be a massive challenge for every woman. They are stunning and eye-catching, but they always need the right accessories. A beautiful pair of sandals can be the last touch to your outfit! Also, do not compromise with your comfort! Confidence insists on good looks and good shoes!