Luxury interior design generally refers to a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic that is achieved by combining high-end furniture, exclusive designs, and precious materials to create an exquisite style.

When it comes to interior design, the creative process involves a strong emphasis on the “luxury” component that makes it different from traditional interior design. High-end customers seek relaxation and experiences and want their interior to reflect their interests and suit their lifestyle.

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The whole process, led by professional interior designers, relates to the client’s lifestyle with the aim to reflect their personal taste.

Experience is the most important factor in luxury design; it is the feeling that you get when you walk into a room and feel relaxed, excited or content.

Luxury interior designers are able to skilfully combine style, elements and proportions in a way that feels right and engages the human senses to a whole new level.

Enormous attention to detail is imperative; during the design process, every choice is carefully examined to determine the overall success of the project. The key is to express “luxury” in every detail, therefore, every detail prerequisite is to be luxurious.

Since the budget is often very high, and in some cases, it has no limit, the design focuses on expensive furniture, luxurious surfaces and highly valued artworks. Expensive furniture plays a big role in this type of interior, but bespoke and custom pieces make the space really authentic and are the foundation of luxury interior design.

The challenge for the designer is to understand the client’s vision and translate it into a uniquely bespoke project where all elements align seamlessly together.

Award-winning and Chelsea-based, Juliettes Interiors, combines luxury interior design with luxury furniture and bespoke  lighting to deliver exclusive residential and commercial projects around the globe. Since 2005, their team has developed an enviable reputation for creating prestigious projects for a high-end clientele. Their talented and experienced designers work closely within the industry to source unique furniture and lighting, and bespoke solutions to create beautifully finished homes and realise their client’s aspirations.

The design process at Juliettes Interiors comprises nine different steps where every single aspect is carefully taken into account. From the initial inspiration, planning and visuals, to installation and project delivery, every stage requires an enormous amount of attention from all the teams involved.

There’s no better place to look for luxury interior inspiration than scrolling through the Instagram and Pinterest accounts of Juliettes Interiors. Their feed features the most luxurious home decor, furniture and lighting with plenty of tips you can take home and apply to your space. If you want to learn how to cultivate a luxurious home style with an eclectic twist, this is a great place to start.