When we start packing for a trip, it quickly seems to become a disaster. We plan to take one suitcase only, but end up with 2 smaller and 3 bigger ones. Doesn’t it sound so familiar? In most cases, this happens because people don’t know those few essential things they really need on a trip. That’s why they start packing all possible stuff they might need on a plane, in a train, or in a hotel, etc. The problem is that if you’re not going to tour all over the world, you can bring one backpack only. The secret is to pack those things, which you’re definitely going to use on the trip.

VPN and One Backpack Is All You Need To Travel - waterproof, travel tips, travel, backpack

We’re going to start with the most important item, which is equally essential no matter which country or city you’re going to. And this is your mobile devices. Pack your tablet, smartphone, chargers, headphones, and similar stuff together, preparing them in advance. What does this mean? You have to install a VPN service even if you’re sure you won’t need it in the country you’re traveling to. A VPN is the best and the easiest way to protect your device when using a public network. So, do it. Any traveler should know that he or she should use a VPN. Ok, so software has been managed. What else should you pack?

Backpack Packing Hacks

Practice shows that you always need less than you pack. So, if you’re not sure whether you take enough stuff or too much stuff, just take twice as less as you were planning. That’s probably the number of things you have to take.

VPN and One Backpack Is All You Need To Travel - waterproof, travel tips, travel, backpack

The following list shows some of the usual and obligatory things to take to any trip.

  • Bag cover. It is needed to make your backpack waterproof. If it rains you don’t want your stuff to get wet.
  • Raincoat. Not only your backpack, but you don’t want to get wet either.
  • A plastic or a stainless steel water bottle. There will be many times when you will need to drink while exploring the cities, nature, and walking several miles a day.
  • Laundry bag. You need an extra bag (a small one) to pack your dirty clothes in it, or to do a laundry if you’re going to.
  • Clothes. Create a capsule minimalist wardrobe of several essential items to easily combine and layer them.
  • Snacks. Pack a set of ready to take snacks to save money while being hungry at the airport. As the food in touristy areas is usually very overpriced. So, have at least a couple of energy bars.
  • First aid kit. Getting sick when you’re traveling can ruin the whole trip. So, gather those medications and vitamins you might need on your journey.
  • All your devices should also be properly packed to avoid damage. If you are visiting a country with strict regulations, you should consider deleting any movies or music from your devices if you are not sure it is legal there. As for the VPN, it seems to be obligatory in some regions. For more info, search the web.

Hopefully, these tips will help you travel light, save money, and make your trip a little bit more comfortable.