Using a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup for Online Teaching and Tutoring - Triple Monitor Laptop, monitor, laptop, extended monitor

Did you know that 17 million Americans enrolled in online learning in 2021?

With so many people engaging in digital training, it’s unsurprising that the industry is expected to be worth $257.7 billion by 2028. If you’re an online teacher or tutor, make sure you have the right setup at home to take advantage of this trend.

Since teaching often requires you to keep track of multiple materials and different students, a triple-monitor setup like the one offered by Mobile Pixels Trio can help you stay on top of discussions and lessons.

Keep reading to learn about the ultimate teach-at-home viewing equipment.

Using a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup for Online Teaching and Tutoring - Triple Monitor Laptop, monitor, laptop, extended monitor

Why Teachers and Tutors Need Triple Monitors

As a tutor, you have many responsibilities, from conducting lessons, answering questions, and creating course materials to monitoring progress and troubleshooting technical issues.

The result? A cluttered display, which leads to:

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Poor performance
  • Random visual scanning behavior
  • Limited ability to process information

It can also trigger stress and anxiety, which can make teaching more challenging. Having three monitors can resolve these concerns by streamlining your workflow.

How a Triple-Monitor Setup Improves Your Classroom Experience

Here are some of the benefits of having a triple monitor setup:

Better Presentations

More than 20 million teachers and students use Zoom. It’s a great place to meet online synchronously while using features like “lock meeting,” multi-pinning view, waiting room, and more.

Sounds like the ultimate setup for online teaching, right?

Well, it can be—with triple monitors in your tech stack. You can use one screen to deliver your presentation, the other to reference your notes, and the spare to answer questions on chat—without having to pop in and out of the application every single time. This helps prevent distractions and fragmented attention, allowing you to bring your A-game to class.

Take Your Work With You

With this setup, you can travel the world without letting go of the job you love. The screen extenders, which weigh under 4 lbs, easily attach to your laptop while expanding your screen real estate on the fly. And since they’re so lightweight, you can carry them in your backpack or check-in luggage without adding significant pounds.

Streamline Your Workflow

Triple monitors multiply your available screen space by three, allowing you to work on multiple projects without switching between windows. For example, you can grade your students’ projects on one screen, record their scores on the other, and use the third screen to suggest resources that will help them improve.

You can also organize your content to make navigation a breeze and reduce clutter.

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see how it can increase productivity up to 35.5%.

Using a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup for Online Teaching and Tutoring - Triple Monitor Laptop, monitor, laptop, extended monitor

Monitor Students Better

With three screens, you can conduct small classes more efficiently since you’ll have more space to keep a close eye on each student. Assign half a screen or even an entire screen for each student for a more interactive and engaging experience.

Your students will notice how much more in control you are of your virtual classroom and you’ll find it easier to stay on top of what’s going on.

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Workload

On average, teachers work an estimated 53 hours a week. Even if this figure doesn’t apply to you, you’re still a jack of all trades—juggling multiple tasks on a daily basis to cope with the workload.

Triple monitors can help you work smarter. For instance, you can place all your tasks from different sources in one centralized location to decrease the demand placed on your neurocognitive system and save time to build a more creative and interactive learning environment.

Make It Easier To See Your Teaching Notes

Teaching professionals usually have notes to keep track of what they want to discuss and make sure they don’t leave anything important out. With a triple-monitor setup, you can keep your presentation on one screen, your notes on the other, and your meeting software on the third monitor. Stop exerting so much effort in switching between screens. Triple monitors enable you to focus on what really matters—your lecture.

Enhance Online Teaching With Mobile Pixels

Online teaching is here to stay. It’s a great solution for teachers and students because of its convenience. Host a seamless, engaging, and productive session by tripling your monitors. Focus more on what you’re trying to teach and less on rudimentary tasks.

Get it today from our website, and let it help you bring your lessons to life.