Lemongrass oil is traditionally used in Thai cooking, but few people know that it is an excellent remedy for both hair and skin. Thanks to its nutritional properties, this product occupies a worthy place among cosmetics for the care of appearance. Girls who know the recipes for use free themselves from the purchase of expensive products and at the same time look great.

The composition and medicinal properties of lemongrass oil


Lemongrass means “lemongrass” in English. Indeed, everyone who has ever encountered him knows that he has a slight smell of yellow citrus. The plant is classified as cereal and grown in warm countries with subtropical and tropical climatic conditions, but the real homeland of lemongrass is India. The oil has a dark yellow color and a pleasant lemon aroma.

Scientists have long figured out what properties this tool has. It is worth noting that it is used not only for cosmetic purposes but also for medicinal purposes. Consider the problems for which lemongrass oil is indicated:

  • Insect bites. The oil effectively fights inflammation, first eliminating the discomfort that manifests itself in the form of itching and burning, and then reducing the focus of redness, leaving a small dot in it.
  • Various dermatological diseases. Depending on the severity, oil can be both the main remedy and an additional one. It all depends on how serious the disease is and what stage it is in.
  • Dandruff. The components that make up the oil help to cope with this unpleasant problem. With regular use of masks, you can get rid of dandruff without much effort.
  • Skin cancer. Complex therapy with drugs prescribed by a doctor helps in the fight against this serious disease.
  • Acne. Oil destroys it and makes the skin healthy and beautiful.
  • Hair loss. Thanks to some components present in the composition, lemongrass oil fights hair loss and accelerates their growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Dry, flaky facial skin. The oil gives a softening and moisturizing effect, so you can forget about such problems if you regularly make various masks.
  • Lifeless hair with split ends. Such an ailment can overtake every woman: unsuccessful staining with poor-quality products or burnt curls after a vacation in hot countries. Lemongrass oil in the composition of masks will help restore hair, and give it a healthy shine and beauty.