TV lifts belong to the items that are not for everybody. Do you still believe in it? It is true that just recently, TV lifts have been expensive and could be bought by the rich part of the population only.

We would not say that now, they have become cheaper. But now, many manufacturers of linear actuators offer plenty of nice solutions to make your own DIY TV lifts. It reduces costs significantly. Even an average citizen can afford it. And the fact that you can do your TV lifts yourself means that you can customize the item to any design.

TV Lift Installation with a DIY Linear Actuator - tv, linear, installation, diy, decorate, acuator

Select a Proper Actuator

For TV lifts, you do not need a huge industrial actuator. A small one, of 12v will be the right choice. By choosing the actuator, consider such details as:

  • The size of your TV;
  • Its weight;
  • The location where the TV is going to be installed;
  • The distance at which it will be moved.

Now, check the available actuators. Many models are available on the web. If you cannot make a choice on your own, and it is possible if you are not a technician, consult with a company representative. Usually, reliable manufacturers provide consultations online. This is the best way to make sure that your item will be usable for your TV lifts project.

Many actuators are already sold with a switch and all the control elements. It is better to buy all in a set. Otherwise, you might need the services of an electrician to set up everything.

Actuator Installation

Measure very accurately where you will install the actuator. Secure the actuator with custom wood pieces. Make sure that after the installation, your actuator will not be seen when the TV is lifted or hidden.

TV Installation

Now, it is time to install a TV mounting plate. Design one from a piece of plywood. Consider the specifics of your interior, the TV size, and weight. Screw your TV on the mounting plate. Modern TVs have a special back plate that can be used for the installation.

Make sure you test the entire system before moving to the final stage.

Decorate the Installation

Now, paint the TV lifts or decorate it so that it blends with the environment. Wait until it dries and use your new TV lifts.