resh plants and flowers always make a home more beautiful. Indoor gardens make things even better. But what if you don’t have the space for a garden or what if you don’t have the time to take care of it? Don’t worry because you can always have a smaller version. Mini-gardens are wonderful and they’re also very cute. Here are a few designs that you’ll definitely enjoy.


DIY Snail Shell Miniature Gardens.

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For example, you could make a snail shell garden. You will need small-growing succulents with roots, a variety of large, clean snail shells and potting soil. Put some soil into the shell and add the succulent. It’s very easy and the mini-garden looks wonderful. Try to keep the shells near the window and to water them every week.{found on treehugger}.


Cork mini garden


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Another fun idea would be to use corks. Each cork has a magnet attached to it so that it sticks to anything magnetic. This way you can put your mini-gardens on the fridge. But make sure it has enough natural light and give it water every week. When the plant starts looking sad you can just replace it or give it some fresh soil.{found on etsy}.

Cups garden

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If you want, you can also use small cups for your mini-gardens. Maybe you can find some vintage teacups because they’re always charming. Put some soil in the cup and then add the plan you’ve chosen. Fill the cup with soil and use the piece to decorate your home. It’s easy and fun to make and it gives your home a fresh, spring-like look.{found on intimateweddings}.

Light bulb mini garden


For those that want something more special or unique, here’s a great idea: a light bulb mini-garden. As you can see, this mini-garden is inside a light bulb. The idea would be to remove the filaments and everything else inside the bulb and to somehow add a little bit of soil and some tiny plants. It’s very simple and transparent and this makes it extra beautiful.