Citizens of the United States of America have so many opportunities than other people to travel to other parts of the world. This is because their government is constantly working to attain international agreements, which has greatly facilitated these travels.

This is an implication that people of American nationality can travel for business purposes or as tourists to a vast number of countries without necessarily having a visa. In this ranking, American citizens are surpassed by the Belgians, Danes and the Dutch only.

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Are there countries that give Americans entry without visas?

All countries included in the Schengen Agreement, and this practically includes the whole of the European Union, excluding Croatia, Romania, Cyprus and Bulgaria. These are territories where American citizens can spend 90 days without necessarily needing a visa. Other countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway are part of the Schengen Area.

Americans can also visit The United Kingdom without a visa for a longer period of up to 180 days yearly. This is because The United Kingdom and The United States of America maintain close commercial relations.

Once the 180 days are over, American citizens will have to obtain a visa as per countries in the Schengen Area.

Essential requirements for visas to travel to other countries

Countries found in the Schengen Area and countries outside the United Kingdom, only in Mexico, provide exceptions for Americans to visit without a visa. However, they will need to have a passport that is valid to gain entry into the country.

In cases where the trip will last more than 72 hours and take more than 20 kilometers beyond the border, visitors will need to have valid immigration documents.

When it comes to Canada‘s case, which is the neighboring country of the United States, gaining entry into the country will require one to possess an eTA. This online procedure functions like a visa is easy to get through the Internet.

However, the traffic that exists between US citizens and Canadians is so lax across borders. Moreover, there is the existence of employment and business relationships. Therefore, this means a lot of freedom in this regard.

Australia, despite having a huge geographical separation, also enjoys the status that Canada also enjoys as you don’t have to have a visa. However, you will need to have the electronic authorization that will help you meet your travel plans. In this scenario, countries outside the Schengen Area also use the same treatment as the one in Australia.

The other countries provide fewer or more similar situations, including a valid passport and all requirements for attaining a visa to gain entry into their territory. The most popular treatment is that the period that you can visit countries is an average of 90 days to six months.

However, some countries approve for less time visit. There is also another visa exemption where you can visit as a tourist to some international resorts. For instance, it happens in Egypt.

How to get a visa for travelling to other countries

If you want to obtain a comfortable visa, then go and obtain visas for traveling as a tourist or to do business. Such visas can be gotten online on pages like, Travel visa fast & easy. This document will be valid for the mentioned period above and the length of duration will depend on individual countries.

If you travel for study or work reasons, you will be required to apply for other permits as well. In this case, it will depend on the destination and collaboration between countries of origin. Generally, you can obtain a tourist visa via the Internet as the process is simple, fast and not expensive.

It’s just a limited number of countries that will need you to get your visa from the consulate and embassy. In some cases, you can obtain this document once you arrive in your destination country without necessarily having to get it through the Internet. By using this route, telematics, it is preferred by most citizens as you avoid problems on arrival in the destination country.

While travelling abroad in times of Covid-19, what happens

All visa requirements are general and will be met as long as you have been allowed to travel. However, recently due to movement restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, traveling from one country to another is not easy.

The best way of knowing if you can travel to other countries during this difficult time, is by consulting international organizations of each country to ascertain whether there are direct and indirect flights being allowed. Also, it will enable you to know if arrival of citizens is allowed from one country to another.