For around 20 years now, men have been told that they should use electric and expendable shavers because they’re simple, quick, and protected. We’ve all seen those TV commercials where good looking men use disposable razors, as if bits of used plastic are the key to real masculinity.

Now, however, men are realizing that a good shave isn’t just about plastic and modest froth. Instead, they’re rediscovering the wonders of the traditional wet shave: straight razors, changeable blade razors, fancier brushes, and extravagant cleansers.

The old-school method is a return to a time when shaving was a masculine sign of transition, as opposed to a boring task.

Traditional Wet Shaving Trend Is On The Up - wet shave, razor, men

Why Wet Shave

Just because something is trendy or making a comeback, that doesn’t mean you should jump on board, of course. So what are the arguments for it, exactly? Here are three reasons why you should try wet shaving.

A Better Shave

Just one razor sharp blade cuts through the hair on your face. You need to know that for every time your razor blade runs along your face, you aren’t only cutting the hairs on it, but you’re also scraping away thin layers of skin.

So when you use a razor with five blades, you’re essentially running over the same spot five times.

Using a single blade can benefit you in reducing irritation, as you’re the one in control of how often you run over the same area. You can also control the angle you shave at and minimize the amount of pressure you apply.

More cost-effective

A common complaint about shaving is the cost, which isn’t a surprise for those who find shaving unpleasant. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to pay for something you don’t even like to do. Fortunately, wet shaving can be far more cost-effective in the long run, even more so if you don’t care about using the nicest products.

More Environmentally-Friendly

A disposable razor is one of the worst things you can include in your shaving routine. One reason is its sub-par performance. Another is that it’s just wasteful.

They take up space, and the process of manufacturing them is harmful to the environment. Even cartridge razors with disposable heads are harmful, as these heads have the same issues of being thrown into landfill.

Choosing a Safety Razor

There are a number of different kinds of safety razors available, so choosing the right one for you can be confusing, and even discouraging. But then, it doesn’t need to be a complicated process. You should absolutely read safety razor reviews online to get an idea of some of the best products on the market. But you should also keep the following basics in mind when choosing your fast safety razor.


The priority for a beginner is choosing a non-aggressive, mild razor. A razor’s aggression is defined by the width of the gap between the comb and the head. This determines how much of the blade you can see. A wide gap means a decent amount of exposure, and the more aggressive and sharper it becomes. You should be careful with an aggressive razor.


Your razor’s weight is a key attribute when it comes to choosing your razor. If you choose a heavier one, you’ll have a steadier hand and will also feel safer, particularly if you’re only just getting started with safety razors. A heavier razor also means that the razor will be doing more work, as opposed to applying pressure.

Length of handle

You can buy razors with a handle length of either 80mm or 100mm. While that doesn’t affect the quality of your shave, it does make a difference in terms of comfort. The one you choose depends on how it feels in your hand.

Texture of handle

Opt for a razor with a textured handle that affords you a strong grip in any situation, even when using shaving oil.

Shape of cap

Buy a slim headed razor, as it enables you to shave difficult spots, such as the angle beneath your nose. The cap’s curve can also affect aggression. A large curve maintains the blade’s direction i.e. turned at an angle, which gives you a milder shave.

Type of razor

You won’t have any trouble finding safety razors with either a fixed blade exposure gap or a regular straight comb bar. Another option are adjustable razors, which enable you to control how much of the blade is exposed. These are a great option if you have different parts of your body, with some having thicker hairs than others.