Sew your own potholders and oven mitts using the free sewing patterns offered here. A standard in every busy kitchen, these thick quilted Oven Mitts and Pot Holders protect hands and wrists from potentially dangerous burns! A pot-holder is a piece of textile (often quilted) or silicone used to cover the hand when holding hot kitchen cooking equipment, like pots and pans.

Cute DIY Cactus Oven Mitts

Cute DIY Cactus Oven Mitts

Fried Egg Pot Holders

Whimsical No Sew Fried Egg Pot Holders

Piped Pot Holders

Anthropologie Knockoff – Piped Pot Holders

Quilted Cloud Oven Mitts

Easy DIY Quilted Cloud Oven Mitts

Quilted Hot Pads

Simple DIY Quilted Hot Pads

Designer Oven Mitts

Homemade Designer Oven Mitts

Pot Holder With Handles

DIY Double Pot Holder With Handles

Pot Holders

DIY Heart Shaped Pot Holders

Extra Large Hot Pad

DIY Extra Large Hot Pad

Mitt And Hot Pad Set

DIY Oven Mitt And Hot Pad Set

Hot Pads

Super Easy DIY Hot Pads

Pocketed Hot Pads

Square Pocketed Hot Pads

Double Oven Mitt

Simple To Sew Double Oven Mitt