Are you under 25 years and want to rent a car in LA? You can, without a doubt, enjoy your trip with your family or friends in a rented car with a few easy steps. In California, the legal age to drive is 21 years according to Carngo. However, from 21 till 25 years, you would have to pay a small fee for being a young driver.

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It is not difficult to rent a car. The process is simple and online. The pandemic has led to a full-blown online automated system to reserve your vehicle. We will guide you on how to make under 25 car rental Las Vegas.

What documents do you need?

Some documents are a must to rent a car in LA. The agency will put a copy of your documents with the rental agreement. You will be carrying them during the rental. It is helpful during an accident. Following are the documents you will need:

An international driver’s license

If you have a driver’s license from the US or Canada, there will not be any complications. Some countries issue an international driver’s license. That is also acceptable. In other cases, the car hiring company might not accept your license. Check with your rental agency if your driver’s license works.


The rental agency would need to see valid IDs or passports of everyone traveling in the car. If there is a child, the agency would also ask for an ID of the child. Check the validity (the expiry date) of the passport or visa, whatever is appropriate, before renting a car. You should have at least six months of validity.

Credit card

Most car rental agencies will ask for a credit card. You use your debit cards rarely. Most of the offices won’t accept debit cards. You should have at least $300 to $500 for an intermediate car. That will be the deposit before you pick up the vehicle. If you don’t have a credit card, we suggest you apply for one. It will be convenient in the US.

Young driver’s fees

When you are under 25 years old, the California jurisdiction asks for a young driver’s surcharge. You have to pay it separately at the car hiring office. The overcharge can be anywhere from $15.99 to$40.00.

It depends on the renting timeframe, car category, and driving skills. You may ask your agent. The main reason behind this charge is the fear that young drivers might cause a problem on the road as they have recently learned how to drive. The extra money goes into getting insurance for the car. For young drivers, insurance covers mechanical damage, accidents, and other problems.

Learn the details

Do you know you are liable to receive proper compensation when you don’t get your car on time? That is right. Usually, the insurance covers for the errors caused by the car hiring company. You have the right to:

  • Get the breakdown of the prices
  • Proper compensation if you don’t get the car you booked
  • Get on-road assistance
  • Know which insurance company the agency is using
  • Not charged more than the total rent (including the extra fees)

Some things to keep in mind

So you have decided to rent a vehicle from a certain spot. What’s next? Before you start the process, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Choose your agency carefully

You must select your car rental agency carefully. A lot depends on their experience and work ethics. Find out if the company has proper insurance, and is legally bonded. Try to know previous clients and read their testimonials. Also, ratings and reviews on 3rd party apps may be helpful.

Decide your requirements

Another thing before selecting the car is to set your priorities. Do you have baggage? Are you traveling with your family? Answering such questions might help you when looking for a car to rent in LA. Your priorities will give you a clear direction of what you need. If you feel confused, you can talk to the personal agent, and they can provide you with a direction.

Same pickup and drop-off time

All LA rental agencies will charge you for the total number of days you booked the vehicle. If you return one day or a few hours before, you won’t receive any money back. You should utilize the car for the whole period you booked and return on time.

The number of passengers and baggage

The automobile you choose will depend on the number of passengers and bags. On their websites, you can see the number of passengers and pieces of baggage it can accommodate.

Please note that the size of the bag is conditional. Make sure you speak to the personal agent about the bag sizes before booking. Also, we recommend getting two cars if you have more than five passengers. It would be cheaper and easier to travel.

Excess fee

Usually, you will deposit a specific amount before the agency hands over the keys. You can insure this deposit or get an Excess Fee Reduction. It saves you from paying anything apart from what the agency mentioned in the agreement.

Sometimes the money on hold is very high compared to the rent or the opposite. In such cases, you have the right to know why the deposit is high and if there is a way to lower it.

Final thoughts

Being under 25, you can do everything by paying a surcharge for better insurance. It is the best time of your life to enjoy yourself in LA. Whether you are with your friends or family, rent a car in LA and have freedom. In summer, you can get cars for under $20 per day rent.

Public transport is not very reliable or cheap. Having a rented car is much better when you want to look at scenic routes. If you are on a train or a bus, you would be sandwiched between everyone and often cannot enjoy a peaceful time with others. Taxis are very expensive, and you would often have to leave a 15 to 20% tip to the driver.