Outdoor space maintenance should top your home remodeling project this year. Besides improving your home’s curb appeal, your garden is the best place to relieve stress and enjoy therapeutic benefits. Moreover, if you wish to resell your home, your garden will significantly influence buyers’ decisions. A well-maintained garden improves your home value and reduces the amount of time it remains in the market.

Among the tips for garden maintenance is to invest in quality furniture. And this guide highlights top garden furniture trends to look out for.

Top Garden Furniture Trends to Watch Out For - trends, garden, furniture, design

Comfort over Everything

At a time when people spend most of their time at home, comfort has become a critical factor of consideration when shopping for outdoor furniture. The goal is to create a relaxing and serene outdoor space.

With this, brands have realized the benefits of crafting stylish yet cozy seats to ensure the garden feels as amazing as it looks. They are going with 70s-inspired furniture design and materials such as cane and synthetic rattan to maximize comfort without compromising durability.

The Rise of Multifunctional Furniture

Like other areas of your house, turning patios and gardens into versatile spaces is a trend to watch out for. Homeowners are striving to create beautiful and luxurious yet functional outdoor spaces with multifunctional pieces.

Besides being classy and stylish, the idea of multifunctional outdoor garden pieces helps you to save money. For example, you can invest in a large garden table that will serve you and your family during meals and is excellent for sprawling out as you work from home. You may also get a versatile outdoor sofa that you can convert into a daybed.

Bright-Colored Pieces

Some homeowners are firm believers of greys and beiges for outdoor space. Unless you wish to create a plain-themed backdrop, bright colors for garden furniture are the latest trend. You may go for cherry, turquoise, or a shade of fiery red.

Moreover, garden furniture accessories lean more towards lime green, pink, and even bold blue to complement the furniture and surroundings. For sofas, you can go for brightly-colored rugs and throw cushions to create a bold statement.

Hanging Chairs

Cocoon and hanging chairs are no longer a thing of the past. The urge to feel comfortable, cozy, and relaxed in your outdoor space is now reflecting on the rapidly growing popularity of hanging chairs.

If you have enough space, consider getting a cocoon chair or, more like, an outdoor daybed for extra shade. If space is constrained, a hanging chair is the most efficient option.

Water Features to Complement the Furniture Pieces

Adding some water elements to your garden can completely transform your outdoor space. The idea helps you to create an ecosystem in your garden, thus creating a sustainable home.

You do not have to go all out to add the water elements. You can create a natural lake and complete it with plants or add some container garden near the furniture. If well-maintained, the water elements can become the centerpiece of your garden.

Indoor-Resembling Outdoor Furniture

Homeowners are now leaning more towards indoor-like outdoor furniture. The trend is most familiar with sofa sets and casual furniture. The idea promotes versatility as you can quickly convert your pieces into indoor furniture when the need comes.

Pay attention to the color of the furniture. Should you decide to move the pieces to your indoor space, make sure they fit perfectly.

Take Away

Your garden offers peace and tranquility. And there is no better way to personalize the space than by investing in quality furniture. Check out the above trends to help you get functional pieces that will convert your yard into a pleasure point.