Are you finding that it is taking longer and longer for you to get dressed each morning? Does the thought of getting ready for the day ahead fill you with dread?
Here are five reasons why it may be time to give your wardrobe a makeover.

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1. You have so many clothes but nothing to wear

This is a common problem among us women. We have spent a lifetime collecting clothes yet somehow struggle to find an outfit we are happy with on a day-to-day basis. Often this problem can be solved with just a handful of new items that can offer endless outfit possibilities you never knew you had. Professionals such as Style With Cindy can make the process of revamping your style simple by accessing your current wardrobe and giving style advice of what to pair with what. You may find a new statement or even staple piece of clothing that provides many more outfit options, without spending large amounts of money.

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2. You’re always underdressed

If you’re the type of lady who loves nothing more than throwing on a comfy pair of jeans and sneakers, then perhaps it’s time to consider changing it up. Perhaps your lifestyle has changed and you are still trying to create outfits from clothing that was purchased when your life was much different. This is the time to give your wardrobe a complete overhaul. Organising your wardrobe can give you a good idea of what is missing in your collection and make it easier to find pieces that will help your style to evolve and better suit the new you.

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3. You’re always overdressed

This may not be as common as the previous point, however, it can still be a valid reason to update your wardrobe. Again, lifestyles can change and your wardrobe should develop alongside it. When considering what is missing from your wardrobe, try to write a list or make a mental note and stick to it whilst shopping. Otherwise, you could end up buying even more extravagant clothing that is unsuitable for your needs. Stick to the basics and buy interchangeable, staple pieces that will work with what you already have. Building your wardrobe up in this way means more options when putting outfits together.

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4. Your body shape has changed

Maybe you have lost a considerable amount of weight or you have begun working out more and your proportions have changed. If this is the case, then you will most likely find that many of your favourite pieces no longer fit or look as good as what they used to. Again, hiring a personal stylist to update your look with pieces that suit your new frame is a great idea. Ill fitted clothing can be very unflattering and can also make you feel unhappy with how you look. Updating your look with well fitted items can really accentuate your new figure and give you the confidence to show it off.

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5. Your clothes are out-dated

If you have clothing in your wardrobe from stores that no longer exist, it is definitely a sign you need to give your wardrobe a facelift! Clothes that are outdated can make you look old fashioned and sometimes make you feel older than you actually are. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few old favourites in your collection, but try to keep it current by adding items that bring a sense of style. Accessories are always an easy way to incorporate the season’s latest trends into your own personal style, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.