Whilst it’s always nice to spend quality time with your family, it’s not always easy. Holidays can turn into tantrums and the smiles on the beach you always envisioned more often than not will turn to frowns. Lucky for you not all holidays have to turn out that way, the family tensions can easily be ironed out with these few top tips to make your next vacation fun and relaxing for all the family.



Talk about the potential options with all the family; you may always want a beach holiday, but perhaps this year its time for an adventure holiday that will keep the kids busy and open the entire family’s horizons. It’s key that you listen to what your family wants when booking your vacation, catering to only your needs will leave the others frustrated, annoyed and more likely to cause issues whilst you’re away.


Plan ahead

Once you’ve decided on a destination, plan ahead. Look up places to eat, things to do and see online before you go and you’ll avoid the tedious morning arguments over what you should do. Planning ahead will also allow you to give the rest of the family a say on what they do on holiday, not to mention that booking tickets in advance may save you money.



In order to avoid any drastic change in moods, it’s always a good idea to stick to a similar routine you have at home, especially if you have small children. Just because you are in a new place doesn’t mean that afternoon nap isn’t needed. Similar eating and sleeping times will keep your kids happy and will enable you to keep in control without feeling you cannot enjoy your holiday.



We all get it, the panic when we leave and the constant thoughts whilst we’re away about whether the house will be okay. A huge cause of stress whilst on vacation can be the thought of something happening to the family home. Fortunately, unoccupied home insurance from a company like More Than will help you rest easy knowing your house is in safe hands and protected whilst you’re away. So enjoy your holiday and let the home insurance work its magic.

Family vacations can be as easy as pie with just a little forward planning, so do your research then sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life.