Vinyl lettering is basically a pre-spaced, pre-pasted and a cut letters writing that is pressed on some flat surface or on a wall. These letters are not the decals and they are put on a sheet of paper and then on a wall. Once the sheet has properly pressed on a specific wall, the sheet is pulled out and the letters are printed on the wall. If some letters remain on the sheet, the sheet is placed back until it is done completely.

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The lettering doesn’t fade away neither it gets cracked unless you want to wash it off.

What actually is vinyl lettering?

Vinyl lettering is basically a self-adhesive writing that is easy to apply and always ready. It contains a pre-pasted and pre-spaced combination of letters and words that can be peeled back off whenever you want. The words are pasted on a paper sheet and then transferred to the wall. You can put these letters anywhere from where you’d enjoy those words the most. Try not to make any air bubbles while pasting the letters and if there are any, do smooth the sheet.

 Where to apply?

When it’s about applying the vinyl lettering from StickerYou, you need to keep this in mind that you can apply the lettering anywhere you want at your place. One thing to make sure is that the surface where you are going to apply the lettering isn’t an oily surface because it might have problems pasting. Like you can apply it on windows, doors, mirrors, dry walls, magnetic boards, wood sheets, cars and almost on all the types of flat and smooth surfaces.

How to remove the vinyl lettering?

You don’t need to worry about removing the vinyl lettering because it’s easy to remove simple as it’s easy to apply. You can remove the letters by using a flat blade razor if it’s on a wall and if the quote is on mirror or some sort of glass then use a blow dryer to warm up the place and then remove the letters as this way they will come off easily.  You cannot reuse vinyl once they are taken off.

Cleaning around the quote

Once you have taken off the vinyl writing, you can clean around using a bit damp cloth. If the quote was on mirrors and windows, you can use a squeegee or a cleaner.

Letters size

You can select the size of the letters you want to use in vinyl lettering by having an estimated idea of the space where you want to put the lettering.

Letters positioning on a glass

When these letters are pasted on a glass , normally they are pasted outside the class so that the visibility is maintained and if you want to get the letters pasted inside the glass then make sure you have order the reverse cut letters.

Colors selection

You can select any color based on the architectural theme of the place you want to apply the vinyl lettering.